I had an idea about a swan holding an egg

2021.09.19 01:59 BalenciagaBlast I had an idea about a swan holding an egg

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2021.09.19 01:59 Rainspirits Can your wacom cintiq get a virus?

A friend of mine owns a cintiq drawing tablet, she recently had a horrible incident with some of her accounts getting hacked! even right after changing her password, they instantly found out her password again... is it because she's always backing up ALL her files/downloads/everything and transfers it to her reset pc? or has it somehow been stored in her cintiq drawing tablet?
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2021.09.19 01:59 samair8 Cardano has cooled off and looks ready for the next leg higher

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2021.09.19 01:59 ZeroEsper The sidewalk

Moved into a room on the first floor of rieber vista and all I’ve been hearing for the past couple of days is some dude using a megaphone screaming something about the sidewalk. Just wondering what he is saying exactly
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2021.09.19 01:59 Tagace1 How to format powers on character sheet.

Im confused on how to write powers on a character sheet.
Is this formated correctly?
Tweedle Dum's Strength: Enhanced strength (10) limited (close attack)
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2021.09.19 01:59 iLucidio The new map "Monastery" is awesome!

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2021.09.19 01:59 AConcernedTaxpayer Got dumped by my grilfriend after 3 years

So now I guess it's harder mode. Shits about to get real. Hit me up with your best trick to stop the urges plz
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2021.09.19 01:59 thawyacct12345 Did I damage my relationship w/my roommates beyond repair, or can I salvage things? If it can be salvaged, advice on how I should go about it?

I posted this here, but deleted it after several minutes. Also, I initially posted this to another subreddit, but I did something petty within the last few days, making things 1000x worse. Also, the responses to the initial post seemed a bit dramatic, which is probably why I lashed out - it's hard to read and hear so many agree that your closest friends are manipulating and gaslighting you. I’ve posted this to three other reasonable subs because I just need some good old fashioned advice on how to mend things, as much as I can get. Here it goes:
I (20F) am close to these two girls (also 20Fs, let's just call them rA and rB), who also happen to be my roommates. Friends for 3 years, lived together almost a year. I have a lot of love for them, but I really struggle with the feeling that I'm constantly the punchline of jokes, the awkward one only kept around to make others feel good about themselves. rA is very dry and sarcastic with the both of us, but she always seems to have some sort of compliment for rB - it's hard not to interpret some of her jokes as digs toward me. rB doesn't really make me feel this way, but has occasionally asked if I ever felt like they didn't like me. This is less prominent a feeling when I'm w/them one-on-one, and it probably had more to do with my own self-confidence than it does to do with our dynamic as a group.
I’m the messiest roommate, hands down, but I also do the most deep cleaning. I bought cleaning products and hand soaps without saying a word about splitting cost. I even bought the new shower curtain - about which all three of us had been complaining - and most of the kitchen appliances came from me - this wasn't acknowledged until a few days ago.
My birthday was in June and neither of them had gotten me anything, which kind of hurt because I've gotten both of them things for their past birthdays, and I started to somewhat express doubts about the our level of closeness. I was quickly reassured I was talking with my foot in my mouth. They hadn't gotten each other anything, so there wasn't any slight to contemplate. Basically, I’m a hyper-generous person and I don’t anticipate everybody being on my level.
However, rB and I both have birthdays in the summer. Some time between our birthdays, rA comes up to me, asking me what I plan on getting her and for some advice on what she should get her because I'm "good at that sort of thing". This stung, but I approached her the following evening and expressed that not only would that she came to me for advice without having gotten me something, I wouldn't pretend that not getting anything from her wouldn't upset me. She said not to worry, of course she'd get me something if she got rB something. At some point, she also said she was low on cash, but I can't remember if that's something she said after the fact.
A few days later, we're shopping w/rB's boyfriend for a cake; rA literally spends 25 dollars for a gift and writes a long card right in front of me. I was irritated the whole day, not gonna lie - it was the only when she was speaking about writing her card that I mentioned my not getting one, and I tried to keep the conversation light-hearted. I apologized for acting childish, and she again reassured that it was valid my gift was coming - she'd also gotten me soup, which was actually very sweet.
Then a week later (about a month ago from today), my mom was hospitalized after heart failure in the early morning. rA happened to be up when I got the call and we ordered in to distract myself, but I did pay her back. Shortly after the fact, I watched her set aside maybe 10 dollars to gift something for another friend.
Last week, A made a joke at my expense while praising B. I don't know if this was my attempt to regain some control, but I sat her down and laid it all on the table - her jokes make me feel like she doesn't think highly of me; the fact that she still hasn't gotten me anything when my birthday was months ago, but has been timely about everything else makes me feel like I'm not a priority. Also, kind of a slap in the face with everything that has happened.
And let me tell you, I have not made someone this upset. She starts yelling at me, asking me how I could assume she'd go out of her way to make me feel small. That the only reason she got rB a gift was b/c her boyfriend went all out. She said that as my friend, she didn't have to explain herself to me. That I reduced our friendship to something materialistic when she was there for me when my was in the hospital - and in my opinion? It was a bit of a low blow to throw that in my face.
She went to B about what I said, and they both sat me down with me in the living room the the next day like some sort of mediatointervention situation - but, really? This did not have to be a three person problem. They start telling me that the way I'd acted yesterday was not the person they'd come to know - so annoying, because it's like to them, I'm not myself any time I'm firm or not soft.
I then say, "If this is gonna be a three person issue, let's talk about the fact that everything in the kitchen came from me and no one has acknowledged it." Then my other roommate is so flamed, and they both start condescendingly saying things like, "Do you want us to send you twenty-five dollars? Would that make you feel better?" I keep reemphasizing that money isn't the issue, it's an appreciation thing.
The conversation ends w/rA saying that I crossed a line and she needs time to be normal again. And I even told another friend about this, and she was so shocked that she was the one to say that. Then two mornings later, rA is almost acting like nothing had even happened. This set me off because not only did I not understand what she meant by that, I felt like it was just thrown at me so I'd shut up.
Then I started acting petty, taking back enough plates to my room for myself and leaving just enough for them. I went to stay with some family on the other end of the city and they're texting our group chat like, "wtf, where are the rest of plates" and I didn't have the energy to address it so I just said that I didn't know, but it sounded like there must be enough for the two of them. They went of their way to turn the light on in my room and check, so I had to address it.
I texted them, saying I shouldn't have to explain keeping some of my things in my room, but the place I'm coming from is pure hurt. It's not an issue of possessions or money. I'm exhausted of giving and giving, not only for it to go underappreciated, but resented if I don't. I told them to by all means, continue using my things, but that I was going to start keeping somethings for myself. I wasn't expecting them to readjust anything for me, but I'd need to firmly reestablish myself in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm only around to provide or for jokes to be made at my expense. If they felt they couldn't live comfortably around me as I readjusted myself, I'd consider it, but I would hate for it to come to that.
The response I got was that I was using this for leverage. That I was being heard didn't, I just didn't like the fact I didn't get an apology. They said they'd get their own things and they're going out of their way to make big group plans without me, which feels like such a slap in the face because it's almost like they want to be so quick to show off the fact that it's just the two of them.
Now I know where I messed up - the plates thing and everything after the fact was a low blow, but prior to that? I honestly don't think I was acting so irrationally sensitive that I deserved to get flamed in the living room, and everybody I've spoken to (including a therapist) about this is echoing the same thing. However, they're also saying to give it time - half a month - and I feel like anything left fighting for will be gone if I wait too long. I really do love these two people _ I even expressed that in the messages addressing my needing to reestablish myself - and I'd hate to think I damaged things beyond the point of repair. Is it salvageable? Any advice moving forward?
tldr; I lashed out at roommates for dismissing my feeling underappreciated and belittled. I'd like to mend things, but I don't know how to go about it and they seem to be moving forward without me.
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2021.09.19 01:59 kair246 Confused

So i was the last person alive and was looking for hatch, eventually heard the noise and so naturally i ran towards it. But for the life of me i could not find the hatch. I circled the area at least 5 times and i swear i was right on top of the noise but i could not see it. Am i really that blind or is there some other reason i didnt see it?
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2021.09.19 01:59 RemarkableWrangler36 Bo Burnham inspired. Was feeling low and creating this made me feel better. Just started making vids again.

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2021.09.19 01:59 drewdiesel87 Possible botched job??

I just did the lifters and head gaskets on a 2005 suburban with 150,000 mi. The suburban sat for about 2 years before I did this job. Change the oil and filter when done. It ran really well, no issues. After about a 200 mi of drive on its first "road test" it now has a white and bluish tint smoke coming from tailpipe. It did not have this issue before...that we are aware of or can remember. It's lost no coolant, no bubbles in coolant reservoir, oil clean. Is it burning crappy fuel tank residue or did I good something in head gasket rebuild? Not my first go around with 5.3 or a motor but (as my name states) I'm a diesel guy. Any advice appreciated- outside of pull spark plugs and check cylinders of course.... I tried unplugging the MAF and truck stutters then runs normal. I have no performance issues with truck....I'm confused ....
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2021.09.19 01:59 AlphaColeslaw I keep getting ignored

sometimes I feel like I might have died or might be invisible because no one responds to me anymore. one of the worst things to me is being ignored by people irl or online, I don't know why no one says anything back to me. I have been really lonely for the past few months. its so bad that now people online dont respond back. like 6 months ago I woke up with messages from friends every morning, not anymore. when I talk on discord servers I get ignored and people pretend i'm not there or no one talks for like 10 minutes and then they ignore me, I think I will have to accept that I will be lonely for a long time. when I talk to friends irl they don't respond back and I dont even talk that much. I guess that moved on or something which is good for them, im happy they have a lot of friends.
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2021.09.19 01:59 SeaworthinessIll3255 One 3/4

So if I only transfer 3/4 of my shares to computer share and hold them forever I can sell 1/4 at whatever point I want in and or after moass? Or would it be better to have 90-95% cs?
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2021.09.19 01:59 Wonderful-Notice-286 I made a Black clover timeline with all the important stuff. Nothing of the antagonists (eleves devils darktriad) because we have no dates. I calculated these myself.

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2021.09.19 01:59 PandaMAN8509 Discharged

I've been discharged if I have any symptoms that come back i have to immediately go to the E.R I have to wear a blood pressure cuff for 24 hours and it airs up every 30 minutes. I am now on a calcium channel blocker and the doctors said I should go to a therapist or someone I likely have ptsd. Thank you to everyone we are all in this together!!
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2021.09.19 01:59 j3434 Three Amigo British Blues Rock Pioneers And Legends

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2021.09.19 01:59 Jim_from_snowy_river Please wear bright colors if you’re gonna walk along the road at night.

Not only does it make it easier for drivers to see you it makes it easier for them to avoid you. Even with bright headlights on if you are wearing black or other such dark colors it’s difficult for you to be seen. It is to your advantage to wear something bright or carry a flashlight.
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2021.09.19 01:59 llamatopia_ H. Yukiusagi

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2021.09.19 01:59 vowingwuw Uhm bored as fuck.

Helou how you doing
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2021.09.19 01:59 Gechy08 AITOO who takes back sarcasm?

When I'm talking with people and I say something sarcastically to a good friend like mocking them or just being sarcastic in a fun way, I tend to try and take it back. For example: (Friend: Do you like my outfit? Me: Definitelyyy (sarcastically) Me 2 seconds after: I'm just kidding. About the sarcasm not the words you actually do look amazing I was taking back the sarcasm in it that sounded like I didn't like it, etc.) Does anybody else do that? And if so, does anybody wish there was a way to take back ONLY the subliminal message of the sentence exp: sarcasm, sadness, happiness, other types of ways of subliminally messaging things. Does anybody? Trying to prove a point to my mum that I'm NOT the only one.
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2021.09.19 01:59 Bionic_Psyonic Help remembering the name of a UK comedy sketch show.

I think it was on BBC 2 but I can't be sure. I'm sure it was late at night. One season.
It was a bunch of sketches with some sketches reoccurring, e.g. some very posh parents outraged at middle class foibles, e.g. their father forgetting to remember to get the right sort of posh cheese. It was also pretty brutal at times, some really violent images or sensibilities. Another one some scientists talked to a depressed guy on the street, put a big headjig on him, gave him a super ego, and he is delighted and says he is off to divorce his wife.
But the sketch that might jog memories is one of a young Tony Blair. He's portrayed about 9 years old as some kind of antichrist Damien Thorne from The Omen films. His parents know he is fundamentally evil.
Anyone got any memberberries on this one?
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2021.09.19 01:59 Mitch_CoNNar Let’s get this smoke on the road

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2021.09.19 01:59 Wodge Porn in the Cloud shouldn't be on /r/CloudPorn

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2021.09.19 01:59 SethVultur An X-Ray of the Greek Antikythera Mechanism, which shows the gears inside. It is the world's oldest analogue computer, made 2000+ years ago. (1024X521)

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2021.09.19 01:59 iamavoyager Anti-libido supplement?

Just wondering if anyone knows of an anti-libido supplement, like you can take those vitamin supplements to relieve stress? I'm single and it's useless. Don't want to lose testosterone, just the urge for sex. I know antidepressants can do this but I'm not normally depressed so that'd be a bit extreme
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