️PowerChain⚡️ $PWRC | Fair launched just now! | Changing the power supply

2021.09.19 01:02 theroughprobation ️PowerChain⚡️ $PWRC | Fair launched just now! | Changing the power supply

⚡️PowerChain️ ($PWRC) is a Binance Smart Chain Network token. This token is designed to act as a new way to sell or buy overproduced energy. Right now more and more people are producing their own energy for example by using solar panels. You can sell your overproduced energy to other people or companies who need it. With $PWRC and by using our upcoming platform, you will be able to sell or buy energy all by yourself. No third parties required.
We have a huge marketing campain and investors ready. For more details, visit our roadmap on the website when launched.
Telegram: https://t.me/PowerChainToken
Buy here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x433fc1b763ac54ab44587dc95acda36962774122
PowerChain details and tokenomics:
🎉 Fair Launched
✅ Audited
✅ Locked Liquidy
✅ Anti-Dump mechanism
✅ Verified and Doxxed Teams
⛔ ️No Presale
💵 2% Auto Liquidity
📈 2% Marketing wallet
Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0x433fc1b763ac54ab44587dc95acda36962774122
Buy: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x433fc1b763ac54ab44587dc95acda36962774122
Telegram: https://t.me/PowerChainToken
Website: Under development
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2021.09.19 01:02 RaveInPeace The “you woke me from my slumber” blep

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2021.09.19 01:02 johntheplaya Anyone found a solution for packet burst yet?

I've turned off texture streaming and it did nothing I'm on a wired connection with fibre broadband aswell. It's only the beta I'm having issues with any other game is fine
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2021.09.19 01:02 stay-ten-feet-away Hi I’m a driver for robotics team 7117 we made it to the tiebreaker at GRC

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2021.09.19 01:02 9Entropy Technoblade Chatting About MCC17

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2021.09.19 01:02 CooperHChurch427 Proud to be Scottish-American. I think I finally know where my Grandmas "native american" story comes from, they are from Sweeden and Iceland. So if you go back far enough, they actually do. Not confirmed yet. But I do know that I am related to Robert the Bruce and a few Kings of Scotland.

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2021.09.19 01:02 Yoinkayy Classic Knife Inspection Glitch? (Left hand stays out when inspecting)

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2021.09.19 01:02 jamiex304 Kuroko's Basketball - Episodes 1-26 (Complete 3rd Season) Dubs Now Available on Netflix !

Kuroko's Basketball - Episodes 52-78 (Complete 3rd Season) Dubs Now Available on Netflix !
MAL Season 3 Link

Following their triumph against Yousen High, Seirin's basketball team has reached the semifinals of the Winter Cup along with Kaijou, Rakuzan, and Shuutoku. Each of these teams possesses a member of the Generation of Miracles, and Seirin prepares to face the largest obstacles on their path to winning the Winter Cup.
In the final season of Kuroko no Basket, Kuroko goes head-to-head with his old teammates once more as he attempts to show them that individual skill is not the only way to play basketball. His firm belief that his form of basketball, team play, is the right way to play the sport will clash with the talents of a perfect copy and an absolute authority.
While Kuroko tries to prove that his basketball is "right," he and the rest of Seirin High ultimately have one goal: to win the Winter Cup and overcome the strength of the Generation of Miracles, who have long dominated the scene of middle and high school basketball.
Dubs Now Available on Netflix !
Genres: Comedy, Sports, School, Shounen
Animation: Production I.G
English Voice Cast: See Here
Recorded By: Bang Zoom! Studios
Previous Discussion Threads:
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2021.09.19 01:02 plusbeats Moog slayer mod

I own a Korg Poly 800 and I've learned about the "Moog slayer mod". I'm interested in trying it out since it seems relatively easy and the original page has some great information but some parts feels lika a total "draw the rest of the fucking owl" for a noob like me. I've tried googling without any luck and was wondering if anyone had an even more detailed description of the process?
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2021.09.19 01:02 bites_carrot crosh won't let me download Ubuntu

crosh won't let me download Ubuntu I'm following the directions online to a tee, but every time I try it gives me this message.
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2021.09.19 01:02 KingDorkFTC [US][W] Sensational She-Hulk Onmi and/or Irredeemable SC Omni [H] Trade Lists/PayPal

Seeking to get the Sensational She-Hulk Omnibus, either cover and wear is ok. Also seeking Irredeemable SC Omni as well.
I have a sale/trade list with values. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-fd7sTug9VdyKguCaLT6NVq3x6swyoYziJPD7IeQsow/edit
Links to pics should be in the sheets.
Also have a Blackest Night lot with 42 books. Most likely a couple more that are not photographed. Valuing at $84.
Trades will be sent Priority Mail insured with signature verification. If there is anything in my listing you would like to buy out right, that can happen too.
Please ask questions and happy Saturday.
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2021.09.19 01:02 Statistical_Insanity The Ourora Ascended, capital ship of the Naryshikov Stellar Fiefdom

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2021.09.19 01:02 Vawndom Cleo kept booping her head on this fern shoot, and now she spoons it like she made a friend. 👉🌱🐍

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2021.09.19 01:02 pyga140 Registering overseas vaccine

I’ve just read that a proof of vaccine letter from overseas will only be recognised to be registered on Al Hosn if it has a QR code.
My letter (from the MOH in New Zealand) does not have a qr code. It just shows type (pfizer), dates and batch codes.
Does anyone know if this is recognised in Abu Dhabi?
I really don’t want to get tested every few days when I am fully vaccinated!
I’m due to fly out to start work next week so any help or advice is much appreciated!!
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2021.09.19 01:02 Automatic_Cup6994 Need someone to make me there bitch

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2021.09.19 01:02 RedlyrsRevenge Got the new Ranger up the hoist to install exhaust and look what I found. Leaky leaky! Time to call for warranty. Only 1000 miles on her.

Got the new Ranger up the hoist to install exhaust and look what I found. Leaky leaky! Time to call for warranty. Only 1000 miles on her. submitted by RedlyrsRevenge to fordranger [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 01:02 Chrono_Trig Something dumb lol that should have never mattered.

When Sailor moon first came out I watched every episode but I was afraid to tell my friends because they said it was a girls cartoon lol
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2021.09.19 01:02 amalgam_reynolds If we're going to make Sandbags and Barbed Wire Spools useful and important, I think they need more uses. Specifically, they should be used rather than Bmats to install sandbags and barbed wire on trenches and bunkers.

As it stands, the sole purpose of bringing a pallet of sandbags up to the front is to build sandbag walls on the ground. However, when you want to do ostensibly the exact same thing for bunkers and trenches, it still just costs Bmats. I think instead it should cost 1 sandbag to build a sandbag wall on a section of trench of one side of a bunker roof (or 1 barbed wire spool for the same of barbed wire sections).
It doesn't make a lot of sense to introduce a new building material and logi system when it's only going to be used for a single thing, especially when what amounts to the exact same thing is still made using Bmats.
Thank you for coming to my TEDx talk.
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2021.09.19 01:02 docwood2011 Autotools error - can someone help

Keep getting an error no permission to change settings using auto tools secure settings in a task. (see Pic). I have double checked that Tasker and auto tools have special access in my app manager as well as Tasker having all necessary ADB permissions as far as I know.
I don't think it's anything with the task or profile as I had the same thing running in my old phone, and I just switched to a new phone and now I'm getting this error. And the help is appreciated.
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2021.09.19 01:02 wisdomisachoice Am I (26M) just taking a gamble here?

I've been with my girlfriend (25F) for nearly 3 years now. It's been a good relationship, but for most of our time together we have lived a decent distance away from each other, about an hour drive to be exact. This resulted in us meet usually once every week and sometimes less than that. For awhile, this worked and there were no issues.
As the relationship got deeper and time went by, I have grown dissatisfied with meeting just once per week and have voiced this feeling on a few occasions. There are plenty of times where I've shown up by surprise because I just wanted to spend more time with her, or to check up on her if her messages were off. Even if it's for less than a couple of hours it felt worth it to me. I've also voiced the notion that I would appreciate her showing up by surprise every once in awhile, and she said she would try. She always plans our hangouts into her week ahead of time and hasn't shown up spontaneously in the entire 3 years we've been together. She wasn't always pressed for time either, she was unemployed for most of 2020 but we also took quarantine very seriously due to her asthma. A few months before vaccines were available she had already started spending more time with her friends and going out without a mask. Part of the reason I have a problem with this is that her group of friends plan spontaneous hangouts all of the time where they go to shows or go drinking almost every week. The only time she doesn't go is if she's already doing something with her own family. Plenty of these places they go are farther away from where she lives than it would take to hangout with me or are the same distance.
I just feel like if she wanted to spend more time with me she could do so any time she wants. There's a growing part of me that feels like this is just who she is and moving closer won't change much. What should I do?
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2021.09.19 01:02 Key-Werewolf5860 🥮 Mooncake 🥮 Launching Now| Earn CAKE while you go to the 🌕

⭐️The first CAKE reflection token with buyback feature. ⭐️Hold $MOONCAKE and get rewarded in CAKE and $MOONCAKE automatically every 60 minutes.


🏮 Total supply 1,000,000,000

🏮 Liquidity will be locked :

🏮 Redistribution - 5% of every buy/sell of $MOONCAKE is redistributed in CAKE to all holders

🏮 Auto Liquidity - 2% of transaction converted into liquidity automatically to create stability

🏮 Anti-Whale system - 2% on sell and buyback to reduce swing-trading and break whale’s control

🏮 Massive Marketing plan - 1% to marketing wallet to fuel this ambitious project and to reward our active community


🎯 Influencer marketing push

🎯 Whitelist spot competition

🎯 Meme contest

🎯 Listing on CoinGecko

🎯 Listing on Coinmarketcap

🎯 Listing on BTOK

🎯 TechRate audit

🎯Partnership with influencer (TikTok, Twitter, Youtube)

Go take a look! u Won't regret it :)🚀

🔹 BUY NOW: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x5a45127977875b76c610c2975f3f6ce7c1ff3980

🔹 Contract: 0x5a45127977875b76c610c2975f3f6ce7c1ff3980

🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x5a45127977875b76c610c2975f3f6ce7c1ff3980#readContract

🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x6bf182CD64B02a8fbbB67CC5f6B426F185Bf2a69
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2021.09.19 01:02 alh17025 📸

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2021.09.19 01:02 REvaldTheBadArtist Still working on my first song, this is the text so far:

It may look a bit off becouse i translated it from my native language to english.
Title: The footsteps of the rain
(verse 1) The rain over the street where many have walked How many walk and how many cry Without shedding a tear, talking without speaking, looking with closed eyes.
(Build up) See you in the fight not to lose each other
The cold shoulders, the blatantly silent, no, the raw cold poetry of the gaze why can we not see? That those we hurt are us.
Why can we not see those we hurt are us?
(Verse 2)
It is more than just words that come from silence. Only the rain and people fleeing from themselves, and the coldness of others. The Social Heaven, the Acceptance of Acceptance, the Union Participation Medal.
The cold shoulders, the blatantly silent, no, the raw cold poetry of the gaze why can we not see? That those we hurt are us.
Why can we not see those we hurt are us?
(Verse 3)
It has its own march song, neither boots nor drums can fill the cutting nothing of silence. An endless torment, like an endless street.
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2021.09.19 01:02 vapist77 Have the options changed?

I've been away from chivalry 2 for a while but just came back to it today. I was surprised to see the only 2 choices on the main screen are free for all or 64 player battle. I'm sure before there were more options than that. Have they changed recently? (On PC if that matters)
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2021.09.19 01:02 LMAOMyNameDoesNotFi Any LR Android #17 & Frieza friends around?

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