2021.09.18 23:51 DwightSchnoop * * IMPORTANT * *

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2021.09.18 23:51 GroundbreakingIcee Friend keeps getting called dry and it's destroying their self esteem, how do I help them to change?

A friend of mine has recently been complaining that multiple people have called her dry and it's effecting her and how she feels. She now perceives herself as boring and doesn't want to try to make friends because of it. I have called her dry once before as well because I thought she was being dry at the time.
I told her that if multiple people keep calling her dry she should begin to question why and try to understand and change her ways of speaking so that she isn't called dry or found to be boring. Any advice on how I could softly suggest changing, adapting, coping, or telling her how to deal with it better? I'm honestly lost.
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2021.09.18 23:51 brza-88 [FRESH] Soggy Rice - Staying In

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2021.09.18 23:51 heytherecatlady She is passed TF out

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2021.09.18 23:51 zenkiin Drug induced insomnia

So I've had insomnia starting 5 years ago and becoming progressively more consistent. After going through what seems like every option with doctors and trying my own methods.. I think I'm fucked. I think taking loads of drugs in my teens has screwed me now. What I mean specifically is ketamine was a drug I used quite alot I'm pretty sure it's lead to the chronic irritation of my bladder which is now feeling like a permanent catalyst for my insomnia (waking up to pee because of irritation). I'm currently on two overactive bladder meditations from my doctor but it's making no difference. I'm coming to a realisation that this might be it for me. Irreversible damage caused by being a "fun", reckless teenager. I feel hopeless, depressed and tired and I can't continue like this, especially if there's no light at the end of the tunnel like I'm predicting. I don't want to live with insomnia forever, I literally can't take anymore of this and my life is so whack and I'm exhausted and anxious and I can't even make plans or meet people or travel or anything now or in the future, my relationships, my hopes of forming new meaningful relationships, my dreams for my future and the man I wanna be feel extremely distant and unachievable. Whats the pont in living if I can't act upon the goals I want to achieve and put in motion the life I want to live. Please anyone, help me out on this.
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2021.09.18 23:51 liftheavy2003 Miserable Mushrooms :(

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2021.09.18 23:51 adather [WTS] Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic Chronograph

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2021.09.18 23:51 _Wayfaring-Stranger_ Apple Watch - issues writing data?

I recently purchased a new Apple Watch (my first ever!) and have only had it for about 2 days. Sometime yesterday morning my watch started recording around 20+ records of activity and exercise for each minute, regardless of whether or not I was actually active. To my shock I woke up with about 2,500% of my daily exercise requirements and 950% of my activity requirements already completed.
Pokemon GO was the only app that I allowed to write Active Energy to my Health App, so I have since turned all Pokemon GO permissions off in an attempt to diagnose the issue.
Because I would eventually like to have Pokemon Go connected to my Apple Watch activity, I was wondering if anyone else had this issue, and if so, what was done to fix it.
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2021.09.18 23:51 NotUnknown69 What is the weirdest subreddit you have seen?

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2021.09.18 23:51 PeteThe4 5th win

Now a three person team of Dream, Pete and Hbomb so they can get the medal together
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2021.09.18 23:51 swan001 Mr. Tserennadmid from Arvaikheer, prefecture of the province of Uvurkhangai, central Mongolia using his voice - a voice like an angel…

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2021.09.18 23:51 smoooothlikebutter how can i solve this equationnn??

The positive whole numbers a, b, c and d have the following properties:
1) a as well as c are prime numbers
2) c and d differ by exactly 1
3) the equation: a * b + 1 = c applies to a, b and c
4) equation: b * d + 1 = b * c + 6 applies to b, c and d

What number is: (b * d +1) * 10000 + d * 100 + c ??
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2021.09.18 23:51 Main-Double-3481 Any Public servers to join for multiplayer??

Are there any public servers that aren't locked and open to anyone? I love the game but have noone to play with lol.
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2021.09.18 23:51 RibNizzla Post your DONDA top 10

after daily listens since release my top 10 (not in order because it’s so difficult) are: -Heaven and Hell (That drop tho) -Off The Grid (Go’s SO f*****g HARD) -Come to Life (Beautiful) -Jail (or Jail pt 2, both have merit) -Believe What i Say (Summer Banger) -Remote Control (Iconic) -Hurricane (Easy) -Moon (Beautiful 2.0) -God Breathed (Blood Pumping,YEEZUS vibes) -Ok Ok (LP1 Nuff’ Said)
honourable mentions: -New Again (Fuck you Chris Brown, prick) -Praise God (Amazing for sure) -Pure Souls (Another Banger tbh) -Jesus Lord (Spiritual) -24 (JIK 2.0, Which is Good, Adds Depth to the Album)
Outro: Revolutionary Album.
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2021.09.18 23:51 Fem_Lives_Matter My fabulous gurls we can't allow the stinky mascs to bring us sisters down here!

I mean gurl why people be hatin us so much are they made of are mad bussies.The only other thing worst then a republican is a meanie masc gurlz were sick of you hatin us.
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2021.09.18 23:51 Nate2Gone This song deserves to be released

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2021.09.18 23:51 Random_Reindeer Could there be some justice in the world?

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2021.09.18 23:51 stavoflav [Xbox][H] Golden series BS Neuro-agitator [W] 500

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2021.09.18 23:51 rurdenimli HBX Coupon Code

Here is the HBX Coupon Code
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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2021.09.18 23:51 AestheticallyGeek I'm currently live and dressed as the Wendy's mascot! COME JOIN!

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2021.09.18 23:51 northstar906 2 currently in the works. 1 destined to become a sriracha and the other a mango hot sauce.

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2021.09.18 23:51 YTBloonChipper55 Best ad blocker website is filled with ads

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2021.09.18 23:51 Lencor How to counter Gambit. nAts

How to counter Gambit. nAts Maybe swap one or 2 cypher for some killjoy, otherwise idk

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2021.09.18 23:51 notjewel 94 year old Mom wants a vacuum and has some specific needs.

Thanks to this group I have embraced the bagged uprights, but my mom has a list of what she wants and hoping you guys can help. Here’s the list: 1) upright and bagless 2) lightweight 3) No more than $200
She has cleaners 2x/month who bring their own vacuum, so her’s would be for quick crumb picks ups, etc. She’s moving to a 1 bedroom apartment that’s mostly carpeted. Please help!
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2021.09.18 23:51 real_calm 🌊VERY Comforting Ocean Sounds For Sleeping, Studying, & Relaxing

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