I just bonked but I need help

2021.10.27 03:46 TheyBanMeForBadWord I just bonked but I need help

I just bought DOBO for the first time using pancakeswap through trust wallet, but I'm not sure what to do from here. Is there a way to get my DOBO into trust wallet or does it stay in pancakeswap?
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2021.10.27 03:46 breakawaycivil Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Isolate CBD - What's The Difference? - CBD Online Store

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2021.10.27 03:46 Salt89 Phasmophobia VR: Low FPS and Ton of SteamVr stuttering. (valve index)

Am getting very low fps and not higher than 60fps and 50%SS and ton of Stuttering can you please advise and the recommended Graphic settings and what i can do to fix this issue.
i got 2080 GPU & I9-11900k CPU Which in more demanding games i got steady 120fps.
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2021.10.27 03:46 themoorofvenice Former senior manager at Certis Cisco charged with taking $83,000 in bribes

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2021.10.27 03:46 BinaryOptionAlliance 🐕🏀 $ShibaBalls 🐕🏀 | 10% rewards in $SHIB every hour 💰| Fair Launched 🤝| Liquidity Locked 🔒| 100x potential or more 🚀 | Anti Whale 🐋 | For more information please join our Telegram

Are you tired of rugpulls, scams, and honeypots? Today we present you to $ShibaBalls!
$ShibaBalls has just fair launched and is a $shib reward token that treats you with 10% distribution per transaction and gives you SHIBA-tokens directly into your wallet! Also it adds to the liquidity with 3% to ensure static growth of the project.
The token will have tons of upcoming marketing so your investment will increase! The yield generating mechanism will help provide enough liquidity to buy bigger amounts in the future and also increases the token value and helps us build the project further.
Our Tokenomics:
100,000,000,000 Total supply
50% of the tokens are burned to ensure more token value
2% max wallet to ensure no whales
Our Tax is 18% for buy and sell:
10% in SHIBA reward
3% to locked liquidity pool
5% to marketing and buyback
Total of ~18% Slippage (18% + 0,5% Pancake)
Links and Social Media:
💰Twitter: Twitter.com/BallisticShiba
💰 Telegram: https://t.me/ballisticshiba
💰 Website: https://ballisticshiba.com/
💰 Locked liquidity: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x65e6Dc38c26cCF3fc0713933c18175bCb0016352
💰 PancakeSwap V2: exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0eca40780b1a45422721140b5041d0f8950ffa49
Contract: 0x0eca40780b1a45422721140b5041d0f8950ffa49
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2021.10.27 03:46 Yuvi_07 I like all the movies I watch. Why?

How to see if you like a movie or not. I'm highly influential by other people's opinion and not sure how to make my own. Same goes for videogames. Im 17 years old. I don't know how to judge movies. I don't know how to get interested in the plot of the movie. I watch movies not for the fun of watching movies but solely for passing time. How do you guys critique movies? any suggestions? thanks in advance
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2021.10.27 03:46 Commonsense_data Why inequality is an economic problem?

I dont understand why inequality is a problem from a purely economic perspective.
If the world is getting richer, why is a problem that some people are getting richer faster?
I think it can be something correlated with real problems like poverty or low growth ... But definetly not a problem by itself.
I have only seen explanations from moral perspective.
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2021.10.27 03:46 Kenny_K-Man Why was Hitler antisemitic?

B letter WoldB EIL MayRiceOr any other prominent Nazi leaders for example. I’m sure this question has been asked multiple times before. But during my search for the reasons of why Hitler was antisemitic, I have yet to any conclusive or backed up argument on why Hitler was antisemitic, just theories, some of which has been debunked, such as his Jewish doctor poisoning his mother or his Jewish officer pass him over promotion during WW1.
During my little research of Hitler’s interactions with Jews (at least in recorded history), I’ve found him that to be less likely to be antisemitic. When we think of racism, we think of those who have been wronged by certain individuals of that race, then assumes it all applies to all the members of such race. And some come up with the idea is that to combat racism, we must introduced such hate filled people to good individuals of the race they hate, to show them that is not the problem of a race, but of the individual level.
But Hitler’s relationships with Jews he knew, such as Eduard Bloch, Hitler’s family physician, and Hugo Gutmann, Hitler’s officer during WW1, from what I’ve seen, has been largely been good. Hitler holds no grudge for Eduard failing to save his mother, gives the physician gifts, calling him a noble Jew, and give him special protection after the doctor writes a letter to him asking for special protection in the aftermath of Anschluss. He was then permitted to emigrated to the USA.
As for Hugo’s case, I would say there’s no beef between him and Hitler. Hugo recommended Hitler to be awarded the Iron Cross First Class. Hitler wore this medal throughout the remainder of his career, including while serving as Führer of Nazi Germany. In the autumn of 1933, Gutmann applied for a veteran's war pension, which was granted (President Hindenburg had passed several decrees protecting Jewish war veterans from the rising tide of antisemitism). In 1935, after the passing of the Nuremberg Laws, Gutmann lost his German citizenship and was formally discharged from the veteran rolls of the army, but still continued to receive a pension, possibly due to Hitler's influence. And like Eduard, was allowed to emigrate out of Germany.
So I think these relationships Hitler have with the Jews he knew contradict the beliefs that he holds for their entire race. He knows individuals of a certain race are capable of doing good, so why did he pass judgement that the rest, people who he never knew, to be bad? Why did he believe in the stab in the back myth, the idea that Jews work behind the rear to undermine Germany’s war effort in WW1 and were not present in the army, when his superior proved otherwise? I don’t think that Hitler will go through the files of all the Jews who served Germany in WW1 and put them on a list of no gassing group. From what I see, Hitler’s dedication to his beliefs is not complete. That is to say, he allows some infractions to be committed.
An example of this work be Emil Maurice, one of the early members of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party) and a founding member of the Schutzstaffel (SS). He was Hitler's first personal chauffeur, and was one of the few persons of mixed Jewish and ethnic German ancestry to serve in the SS, being declared an honorary Aryan by Adolf Hitler in 1935. When Himmler found out his Jewish ancestry, Himmler recommended that Maurice be expelled from the SS, along with other members of his family. To Himmler's annoyance, Hitler stood by his old friend. In a secret letter written on 31 August 1935, Hitler compelled Himmler to make an exception for Maurice and his brothers, who were informally declared "Honorary Aryans" and allowed to stay in the SS. And this is not exclusive to Hitler alone, Hermann Göring Meyer stepped in to declare Helmuth Wilberg an Aryan, despite having Jewish mother on the grounds of not wishing his talent to go to waste. Sophie Lehár (née Paschkis), the wife of the composer Franz Lehár had been Jewish before her conversion to Catholicism upon marriage. Hitler enjoyed Lehár's music and the Nazis made some propaganda use of it. After Joseph Goebbels intervened on Lehár's behalf, Mrs. Lehár was given in 1938 the status of "honorary Aryan" by marriage. Stephanie von Hohenlohe, an alleged Jewish Austrian princess by marriage and spy for Nazi Germany, was declared an honorary Aryan by Heinrich Himmler.
So these Nazis are not following their beliefs by the letters, because of the Jews’ connection to the Nazis. Why is that? Why do they allow these things to happen while those who never knew the Nazis receive the end of the stick? Are they not as fanatical as some claim them to be?
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2021.10.27 03:46 griftertm Court of Appeals junks Mandaluyong’s ‘riding-in-tandem’ ordinance

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2021.10.27 03:46 JP_Tulo Un-usable AirPods Pro 😢

I ordered my AirPods Pro when they were first announced and received them right away. They are hardware version 1.0.0. They worked absolutely beautifully at first, but the sound got very slowly progressively worse. Now all they do is crackle and make static sounds when noise cancellation is on and I can’t even use them. Anyone else have experience with this? I hear there might be a sort of recall available? Where can I find the manufacturing date for mine? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.27 03:46 Elma_Bradberry Tho it’s on epic, I wanted to share my first savage with Alice

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2021.10.27 03:46 Superb_Introduction Possibly unpopular opinion - I kinda appreciate the "OP refuses to go to a party because their SO isn't invited" stories.

Sure, the stories are still kinda stupid, but it's nice to have an OP and their SO who aren't cartoon villains and who are ride-or-die enough for each other that they prefer to attend big events together. It's a wholesome - if not as action-packed - change.
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2021.10.27 03:46 selfharmthrowaway19 It sucks when two separate people have been like "yeah we can be friends!" Then ghost you.

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2021.10.27 03:46 iamSkylerXO About to walk to the falls. There are at least 4 that I can think of off the top of my head that are in the area.

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2021.10.27 03:46 arightangle Small streams are the best

Been in this 5-10 viewer stream of this very cute girl in my city and she can have conversation with her fans and everything without donos, just using the chat function, its very nice and I'd highly suggest any just chatting listeners to give small streamers a try, I never watched any of the big streamers like poki or alinity just stuck to gaming streams but justchatting streams with small streamers are an overwhelmingly positive experience
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2021.10.27 03:46 VengefulOtaku Received a fixed penalty notice 6 months after committing a speeding offence

Back in April of this year I got flashed by a traffic camera for speeding. 2 weeks passed and nothing comes through the post so I figure I've gotten away with it.
Fast forward 6 months later to earlier this month and I receive a NIP (dated this month) stating I was doing 37 in a 30 (yep naughty boy, tut tut). Did a bit of research and found out that despite it not arriving untill after the 2 week period I still legallybjad to respond. So I did, it was me behind the wheel at the time, I hold my hands up to it and send off the form thinking I'll either get a slap on the wrist and a warning or worst case scenario a speed awareness course and a smaller fine.
Yesterday in the post I received the penalty notice of £100 and 3 points and all the details of what I need to do next.
Obviously I don't want the points on my license (clean until now) so is there anything I can do?
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2021.10.27 03:46 No-Flow-8193 Taking time off the gym

Lately I’ve been crazy tired and thought maybe going the gym is doing me more harm than good at the moment and I need to rest myself physically and mentally, it’s hard to take time off when it’s my only passion, I don’t find any entertainment sitting at home resting, I need to be active even if it’s going for a walk I go excessive and end up waking for 2 hours, any advice on how long to have off the gym, whether it’ll affect gains? Whether a sufficient rest will make my gains come even more so when I start training again?
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2021.10.27 03:46 Omixscniet624 If you found 10 dollars and you heard a old lady trying to find 10 dollars so that she can buy Cigarettes, will you give her the 10 dollars back or keep it? which is the morally right thing to do?

My Christian education teacher ask this to our class so I'm curious what would y'all do if you were in this situation ?
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2021.10.27 03:46 Complete_Ad5713 Blursed_Melon

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2021.10.27 03:46 canfiax Second doubts about getting M1 Pro vs M1 Max

So I bought the M1 Pro when it came out (awaiting delivery), but now I am really in doubt whether or not I should upgrade to the M1 Max - mainly because I like to plan games from time to another and because of the slightly better battery. Still not sure how better the gaming experience is on M1 Max compared to M1 Pro? I will mostly use it for work related stuff. What do you think chat? Should I upgrade or stick with M1 Pro?
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2021.10.27 03:46 sanctimoniousfsck Yellow license plate with black letters?

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2021.10.27 03:46 RiceDogo God is with us!

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2021.10.27 03:46 angrybluetooth Anjana Rangan

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2021.10.27 03:46 DaddyButNotTheFather NZDF Aptitude tests

I’ve recently applied to the NZDF, and am curious about the aptitude tests.
After trying out a few different practice tests (on sites recommended on the NZDF website, as well as ones I’ve located myself), I’m left with the impression that the aptitude tests will either be a walk in the park, or an exercise in futility.
I’d appreciate a word of advice from anyone who has sat through these tests recently-is failing a serious possibility, or am I overthinking things?
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2021.10.27 03:46 wolorein Childe in Onmyou Chamber be like:

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