AITA because all the Blacks on campus are the real racists?

2021.10.27 04:22 Nurut_Idnu AITA because all the Blacks on campus are the real racists?

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2021.10.27 04:22 imightforgetthis11 My cat enjoying the heater, I should put a little bed there for her. 🥰

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2021.10.27 04:22 blackishred German Expired Domains [user: itsahmed]

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2021.10.27 04:22 NewWiseMama Me: 28 weeks. Husband: “remember, I didn’t want this (IVF) baby. Advice to me?

I might be too physically and emotionally tired for a big essay, but welcome some advice.
How should I react? How to stay calm for health of baby? Reasonable next steps beyond therapy: what communication is needed to help correct us before the baby arrives in Jan?
As of now, high risk pregnancy, baby ok. Managing elevated blood pressure and GD with meds and monitoring. These next 10 weeks are pretty critical. There’s a chance of a preemie and high risk child, though genetics and tests ok now.
We have a preschooler we dote on. And we are older: mid 40s. So after 3 years of discussion my husband finally agreed we can return to ivf for baby 2. Surprise, it worked. We reached viability 3 weeks ago.
His concerns before returning to IVF this spring are legit: we are older, more tired, puts us back into diapers. He wanted a sibling for our daughter as he had one. I had a really strong feeling our family wasn’t complete, and a fear is not be able to drop resentment if he denied letting us try for a second child.
He heard me and gave me what I wanted. So I am happy for this pregnancy.
His fears now are he will be the lowest priority and I will ask for his help to do a lot in service of the kids, but not be full of love, attention and respect for him so he will be the lowest priority. The truth is we have had a hard tome both feeling and showing respect. And a baby will come first. I also ask for things “can you please pick things up off the floor: it hurts to bend and lift and ON asked me not to”.
Since last few weeks he’s returned to some old bad patterns I thought were behind us. Basically he’s a great dad and I feel love. That said he’s recently called me names like “ F!&&ing b&&&ch”, and tonight yelled at me. Typically an introverted mild mannered nice guy so it stings.
I’m really cognizant of this baby bean and blood pressure risks, and try to not get too riled up beyond saying “this is unacceptable. Sleep in your office/guest room downstairs”.
He tends to apologize 48 hours later by some action like washing the dishes, and a curt “sorry” at best. So sometimes I wait it out. My hunch is this time he feels wronged and had repeatedly said he doesn’t want this child. He’s even said it in the car in front of our 4 year old. Seems so devastating to children.
We have a couples therapist. We are here now after soul searching on my part is rather stay together, and advocacy for baby 2. I’ve had all these happy hormones this pregnancy. I also have that nesting instinct and am decluttering and thinking what we need for kid 2 (having donated most of stuff from kid 1). And happy hormones include reaching for him or being receptive.
All that said here’s more on where I’m going wrong: -he’s in a design field but doesn’t apply it to our family and home. Tonight’s fight was me trying to say last time we put stuff up in the room for our 4 year old was years ago in prep of my sisters fam visiting. My guy is good at getting us all up for preschool and work, but not someone who finishes projects. He took my observation and explanation (of why I want to do house/nesting stuff this week before family visits this weekend) as very critical of him and mean, and yelled at me. (After I put preschooler to sleep, so being yelled at I hated on many levels).
So I made this pickle. And this ship has sailed: we are quite pregnant.
What should I do? Honestly trying to think ahead to not being together sounds exhausting. I just want sleep. I could tone down my criticism so he feels more safe. But I seriously hate the name calling. If friends or family knew it’s back, they would really look down on our choices and actions. I have hope for us, but sleepless nights when baby is here…..I’m really worried we could deteriorate far in front of our 4 year old.
I feel so close to the family I wanted. And now it’s back on me to try to change behaviors. Wish I could be the doted on pregnant woman. Tearfully, not this time.
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2021.10.27 04:22 YextFE hmmm

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2021.10.27 04:22 CKsTechnologyNews The Ocean Cleanup Project – System 002 Test Results Presentation

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2021.10.27 04:22 KaleAway6968 💎 RemeX (RMX) Just launched today Utility Token | New Milestone Achieved ⬆️ | RMX is now Integrated into the System ⚙️ | Giveaway Quiz Ongoing! | 🤩 Long-term Project | Real Company | Doxxed Team ✅

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Briefly About RemeX Token
RemeX (RMX) is the utility token developed by AGAFOS LLC for its user-generated platform launched in April of 2020. RemeX now is the currency used throughout Agafos platform with the help of AgaPort. Shortly, AgaScan - a secure tool ensuring secure and transparent transactions - will be introduced and launched. Stay tuned!
For more information, make sure to visit the official pages:
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xf686c0d95d750e987775a0ff638c484ded9075ff
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2021.10.27 04:22 fgyoysgaxt Where can I buy a bunch of GPUs?

Kind of an odd request, but the company I work for is looking to buy a half dozen 3070s, but we're struggling to find suppliers. I've tried the usual; mwave, ple, scroptec, msy, austin, but no luck - stock is too limited and they aren't willing to sell that many to one client. Worse still, the boss is pushing for a super tight deadline, so we have less than a month to get them.
Anyone have ideas?
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2021.10.27 04:22 Latter_Grape_239 bruh

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2021.10.27 04:22 DeadKingefftim There is some Irony in this.

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2021.10.27 04:22 MelonGrabber1938 Would this work for edexcel biology?

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2021.10.27 04:22 freebsdlego1 Which evil plan is better: OHMSS or NTTD?

View Poll
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2021.10.27 04:22 HiFromThePacific I made a guide for making your own voicepack!

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2021.10.27 04:22 ---Aaron-- Three Romances let me know what you think :)
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2021.10.27 04:22 aleister94 HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021) MOVIE REVIEW | MANIACAL CINEPHILE

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2021.10.27 04:22 Objective_Relative24 FairyMoon 🧚‍♀️ | Stealth Launched now | Low MC | Renounced + Liquidity Locked 🔒 |100x Potential 🔥 MOON 🚀 Just Launched

🧚‍♀️ FairyPanda 🧚‍♀️
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🔥 Jump into telegram and say hi. Welcome everyone! 🔥
FairyPanda ($FAIRY) is a new BSC token designed to simultaneously make you great friends and great gains. They’re putting a huge emphasis on positive social interactions and stamping out abuse, shaming and prejudice.
🔸 Listed on pancake swap
🔸 Listing on Coinhunt, Coingecko, Cmc and Coinsniper
🔸 5% of every transaction distributed to holders
🔸 Liquidity locked for 6 months
🔸 Dev wallet will be distributed to all holders
🔸 NFT Gifting platform planned
🔸 Social platform + wallet planned
They’re going to be using the dev wallet for funding research into ways to reduce bullying, promote kindness and acceptance, and reduce toxicity in general. Over time they’ll be introducing trained moderators to keep the social channels a safe space for people who wants to form connections with others who share the same vision. We all know the crypto space needs this.
They’re going to be setting the example by distributing the rest of the dev wallet to holders at key milestones, so holders’ wallets will grow without doing a thing. They also do regular competitions and giveaways 🔥
🔗 Links :
Contract: 0x34b727122b902c432e1bd66313508c62408764d6
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidty locked:
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2021.10.27 04:22 jsteal Just a heads up

I don’t know if I’m an idiot or what, but I did a full account transfer from Webull to Fidelity to transfer my xxx shares over. Now Webull is saying that after this transfer is complete they will shut down my account completely. Now normally I can see that not being an issue, however, this Webull account still has Crypto and cash on it. Instead of letting me just keep the account open, which seems like the most obvious solution, they gave me exactly one option. Liquidate all crypto and send me the cash. What the hell is that? I don’t even understand how that’s legal for them to do considering it’s my account and my assets/cash on the account. Can someone explain this to me if i’m just ignorant to what’s going on here?
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2021.10.27 04:22 mcstain Does the Audient Evo 4 have enough gain to record vocals with a Shure SM58?

Looking to dip my toe into recording vocals. I know that I could get a better result with SM7B and Cloudlifter, but that would be five times the price of SM58 plus Evo 4.
The Evo 4 claims to have 58dB of gain. Will this be enough to get a clean signal when recording male and female vocals?
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2021.10.27 04:22 addyward Caliweed Plug::: Snapchat-ID: hexaplug

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2021.10.27 04:22 RoVill135 This thick fog that leads to the ocean

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2021.10.27 04:22 TDnightgaming Welp.. eternal's seems like it will have a sex scene.

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2021.10.27 04:22 lucyferrrrrRRRRrrrr a must try brewed coffee near beaches in Zambales! 📍SAN FELIPE, ZAMBALES

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2021.10.27 04:22 Da_Trixta Delayed block animations

I have created a small animation for Lodestone blocks, and sometimes placing them down looks really weird if the player places it in the middle of the animation.
Is there any possible way to make the animation play from the beginning when the block is placed, without changing the animation of any nearby lodestones?
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2021.10.27 04:22 ZedLeoGab Data mining in Salesforce

Hey guys,
I would like to know how can you do data mining in Saleforce. I am very new with the platform so I'm still crawling my way through it.
I was given a task to clean up the company's data base, to sort out any untargeted leads, create strategies with the data clean up and to connect two marketing departments in regards to email campaigns.
I went to try out trailhead, but couldn't find anything related to data mining in Saleforce Lightning.
Thanks 😊
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2021.10.27 04:22 SuperHanzMcVities Funeral Director Accused of Helping Boyfriend End His Life

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