2021.10.27 04:23 PrincipleFew3835 Crocodiles!

Looking for non fiction books about crocodile attacks. Whether it's like a world summary or incident specific ones like the Ramree attack
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2021.10.27 04:23 frodreimz123 Wanna give up on love and my sexuality

Being gay is too hard, I feel too lonely and desperate when trying to find someone. I don’t want to look for anyone from now, I’m done.
I lower my standard because I see that if I’m too picky I meet no one. I’m a pretty handsome guy, intelligent, sensitive and nice, If I was straight I would have a lot of girls into me, and I’m not saying to brag or anything, that’s true and that’s not fair. I’m not into the gay scene, grindr makes me depressed and anxious, tinder is bullshit, I went on it for 1 month, and got 2,5% chance of having a match. That dating thing make me really anxious and sad because I see that it doesn’t work like straight people. I tried to forget all of my pain by doing hookup every night, but it’s not changing anything and it’s making me worst. I still feel empty inside and really really hurt. Since I know I have a lot of chance to have no child and be single all my life, I prefer to avoid all of that and live without sex (no fap) or wanting to be with someone because there is 90% chance this is going to be my future and I don’t want to lower my standards just because I’m too scared of being lonely. Fuck that. Also I’m done looking at guys in the street boing that they are maybe gay because that make me suffer, I have suffered too much from now, I don’t want to continue to do it. It’s too painful. Sorry for this I just wanted to express myself for a minute.
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2021.10.27 04:23 CurrentlyCurious Who are the notable NPCs in your life?

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2021.10.27 04:23 Flaky_Flan_8564 Hmmmm..

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2021.10.27 04:23 zuh1r Help

Hey you lot. I'll try to keep this post short and simple. There's a girl, and I kind of like her, but I haven't spoken to her. We used to be amazing friends like 4 years ago, but we've both changed a lot, we're essentially different people, we don't know each other. I also liked her back then, but I didn't tell her until after it was over and we weren't friends anymore, I told her I used to like her, and she said well this is awkward, I'd prefer if we never spoke of this again. That was 2 years ago, we haven't spoken or seen each other since then. School started though on campus, and she's changed completely. We have an unbelievable amount of mutual friends, and yet I still haven't spoken to her, she doesn't know what I'm like and I don't know too well what she's deeply like. I obviously can't muster up the courage to talk to her unless a conversation is forced, but she hasn't sparked a conversation yet, which is odd since we usually sit some 7ft apart when we're hanging out with mutual friends, I haven't said a single word to her, and I don't catch her looking at me often. My questions are basically just 1) does she remember everything, is it leading her to act a certain way even though she knows things are different now. And 2) Is it unfair of me to expect her to look at me if she likes me when I haven't even spoken to the gal? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm not good at getting hints :)
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2021.10.27 04:23 Ham812222 Youngbloods 💕

I am yet to find someone who loves the whole youngbloods album by the amity affliction as much as me. No album from any band has ever come close to touching what it means to me, people rave on about how good let the ocean take me was (I love that album by the way) but forget about this masterpiece 😞. I dunno h.m.a.s lookback came on and just reminded me of how much this album means to me, so many memories 💕💕
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2021.10.27 04:23 Diligent-Fold-972 1/2 hr sketch, anyone missing a foot? 2021 me

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2021.10.27 04:23 backpackcats88 28 [F4F] Dallas - It's cuffing season but also lots of weddings coming up and I need a plus one

Looking for love or something similar to it.
A bit about me:
- I work in a hospital - I like playing video games: survival horror, colony building, RTS, turn based strategy, Genshin Impact - What I watch: anime, serial killer shows, random horror - I speak English (obviously), Cantonese, Japanese (pretty decently), French - I love cats and live with 2
Hit me up. I have a horrible straight girl crush right now, so help me get my mind of that ridiculousness.
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2021.10.27 04:23 No_Neighborhood_9888 Investing in Bitcoin

Would it be unwise to invest in Bitcoin right now? I hear so much about the 100k price target, but I’m not 100% convinced that will happen this cycle. Would it be better to wait until the massive 80% drop then stock up in preparation for next bull market?
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2021.10.27 04:23 raftsa How does your employer demonstrate your time isn’t worth paying for?

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2021.10.27 04:23 CrypticW91f Stage 3-Limited Challenge: Bloodlust (Lords Mobile)

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2021.10.27 04:23 NZepplin Do you buy stocks?

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2021.10.27 04:23 Kxnc_74 🏀

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2021.10.27 04:23 Quick_Mail_9900 Should I (19M) view a possible partner (22M) differently for how many sexual partners they have had?

I’ve recently moved to a different state and downloaded Tinder as a way to make friends and relationships. I matched and have been talking to a guy for a couple weeks, and he seems like a super caring and considerate dude. We have gone out a few times together and everything has gone well. However tonight he told me that he has had 20+ sexual partners in addition to having a threesome. Is it wrong for me (who has had a total of 1 partner) to view him differently based on the amount of partners he’s had? And is it reasonable for me to feel intimidated due to his high body count?
TLDR: Should I view someone differently based on their body count?
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2021.10.27 04:23 Mountain-Appeal8988 Interesting thoughts of Magnus Carlsen on the upcoming world championship match

"My biggest advantage in the match is that I am better at chess" - Magnus Carlsen in New in chess Magazine 2021#7
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2021.10.27 04:23 sighet247 METEO - Vremea în Maramureş pentru miercuri, 27 octombrie 2021

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2021.10.27 04:23 skifflife Great color scheme on the new @sabineskiffs Guide Edition!

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2021.10.27 04:23 Bigdieselnine Man.. for all of us who have survived the crypto crash.. India donation.. and all the horrible fud... this soldier salutes you.. we have stuck together thru it and believed in this project and its development team... still have a great way to go before we will be at our market cap.. we will do it!

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2021.10.27 04:23 Timothegoose Just gonna leave this here

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2021.10.27 04:23 JKhaotic Save files

Can I start a new run on the experimental servers and then bring the run to the normal server when update 5 is released there?
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2021.10.27 04:23 fin-0908 Vet biosciences / Animal Health science Exam (written questions - approx 10) 100usd paypal

Need help with upcoming animal health science exam. Need vouches and needs tl have vet science background. More info and details shared thru pm. pm me if u can guarantee a good grade.
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2021.10.27 04:23 Kitchu22 My best mate has just been diagnosed with stage III renal failure, at only 8 years it feels like such an unfair shortening of our time together… Hug your snoots tight for me!

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2021.10.27 04:23 clique34 I can no longer distinguish between journalism and high school gossip

With the way they twist facts, mischaracterize words, confuse people, hide contradicting facts and context, & remove any objective reasoning, journalism has turned into nothing but a blog with a brand posing as credible source of information. It’s a shame.
But hey, this is the price we pay for NOT paying for content. I still believe there are impartial and objective media out there. It’s just not for free or if it is for free, it’s an organization made not for profit.
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2021.10.27 04:23 VortriX_ This game is so much broken

Bruh, this game is a joke, there is so many problems how people are defending this ?
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2021.10.27 04:23 mind7fuzz Can't say is a lie now can you

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