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2021.10.27 03:12 ShortAlgo $MA Waiting for buy signal https://t.co/cHOF4V9zlT https://t.co/CUC3vWt79c

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2021.10.27 03:12 imkyleodonnell Confronting my Trypophobia

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2021.10.27 03:12 Wonderful-Bread-572 Need positive stories

I'm newish to reddit and this topic so sorry if my post is repetitive or something
Basically I've (26f) been dating my long distance partner (24m) for over a year now. I love him so much and we have the best communication and healthiest relationship I've ever had, he's my best friend.
I've been pretty stressed because we are both struggling financially, and live in different countries, both of which have bad economies right now. In addition I live in usa which has very strict rules on immigration. In addition, his country requires people to be married to live together (long story short). Basically for us to be together we would be forced to get married, which I'm alright with actually, considering our communication.
Our plan is for me to visit his country for a couple weeks so we can have proof of us knowing eachother, and test out our relationship in person. Then we will try to have him immigrate here.
I'm ready to commit to this but I feel incredibly overwhelmed by the financial aspect. I always lived alone since a teen so I was never able to save a lot of money, and with my bills and the plane ticket and the fees for immigration, it just seems like such an intense goal. Also, he lost his job when his workplace closed, so he's trying to find another one.
Tl;dr: feeling overwhelmed by costs of being physically together in a great long distance relationship
Basically do you guys have any encouraging words or stories that I can read to feel hopeful? Have you ever been in this situation and felt like it was so out of your reach, but then overcame the difficulties? Am I crazy??
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2021.10.27 03:12 supremesomething To a computer equipped with advanced radar technologies, humans appear as quasi stationary, even when participating in the Olympics

Imagine going up in the air as a member of the Russian high jumping team, and landing as a full time American citizen, equipped with perfect American accent and convinced you were born in Seattle, to a Native American mother and Japanese father. Also the passport is ready for you in the hotel room.
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2021.10.27 03:12 Canis_Trashums not very original sure, but who doesn’t like a song recommendation?

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2021.10.27 03:12 ksspook Why

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2021.10.27 03:12 FlyOrangeBird As a result, the #Snowball will continue to roll, resulting in an avalanche of goodies. If I continue to stake $FLURRY, the first snowball may fall sooner than I expect.

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2021.10.27 03:12 What-is-not The corrupt Reddit

Have you ever heard about Maddie de Garay a 13yo Ohio girl who volunteered for pfizer cocktail? And worst, you will not hear a single word about her & many more who got vaccinated and then sick, those people are done with their lives.
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2021.10.27 03:12 RamSmurfit Th8 champion in 5 days only royal ghost and king

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2021.10.27 03:12 666gun People who have kids, What amount of money would you have by now if you invested all the money you put into them into the stock market?

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2021.10.27 03:12 CatwickBosecat In Annie Get Your Gun, what does the lyric “oh my mother was frightened by a shotgun, they say. That’s why I’m such a wonderful shot!” mean in You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun?

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2021.10.27 03:12 INS_Fang Artic height map

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2021.10.27 03:12 AHEJUN Should You Use Homemade Sex Toys?

Should You Use Homemade Sex Toys?

Have you ever used a homemade sex toy? Be honest. I know I have.
Let’s get real: DIY sex toys are all around us. There’s something awfully tempting about bringing home an electric toothbrush and going to town. And that cucumber you saw at the farmer’s market? Definitely fantasy-worthy. I mean, come on — there’s a reason we all know the innuendo behind an eggplant emoji.
Don’t forget about all the homemade male masturbators out there. Everything from the infamous grapefruit to vacuum cleaners to PVC piping *shudder* has been tried and tested by people out there.
So, yeah, it’s hard not to think about all the possibilities. You’ve probably even heard that saying about how anything can be a dildo if you try hard enough.
But is it true? Or rather, should you? Let’s take a closer look.
Why People Make Sex Toys at Home
There are a thousand reasons why someone might want to make their own sex toys.
Maybe you want to spice up your sex life on a whim, or you don’t feel comfortable getting them delivered to your house. Perhaps you just want to explore your preferences a bit before investing in the real thing, or you straight-up don’t want to invest in a toy at all.
Choosing, storing, owning, and paying for toys isn’t everyone’s jam. And that’s alright!
It’s easy to dig around in your fridge or bathroom cabinet and find something seemingly fun for below-the-belt play. There may be a bit of a thrill or novelty involved, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.
And I partially blame that infamous scene in American Pie for the onslaught of DIY masturbatory items. That, and well, porn.
Plus, the internet is riddled with hundreds of suggestions for Pringles can fleshlights, wax butt plugs, and hairbrush handle dildos.
But it can’t be that unsafe if everyone’s doing this, right? Well...
Should You Make Your Own Sex Toys?
In short, no. Here’s an excellent rule to live by: if it’s not designed for your genitalia, it probably shouldn’t be going near there.
There are even some genuine sex toys out there that probably shouldn’t go in your body, so let’s consider where the bar’s at.
This is to say that a lot of thought goes into reputable sex toys. From design to material and everything in between, it’s about much more than just comfort. It’s about safety.
Homemade sex toys are inherently unsafe. Using household items for masturbation or penetration can cause infections, lesions, irritation, and tearing. So unless you want to wind up on the Sex Sent Me to the E.R., I’d shy away.
Let’s Talk Butt Plugs
You may think that DIY vaginal penetration toys are the ones I’d caution against most — with UTIs and yeast infections existing and all — but nope. The scariest one? Butt plugs.
While it’s pretty much impossible to lose an item in the vagina (although it doesn’t feel that way when you can’t find the string of your tampon), it is very possible to lose something up the bum.
That’s why the golden rule of anal exists: never insert anything without a flared base. It’s a non-negotiable.
Toys with flared bases (think classic butt plug designs or realistic dildos complete with balls) won’t get lost in the anal cavity. And those without? Worst case scenario, the toy travels up through your digestive system. Yeah, it’s that bad.
So let’s stick to butt plugs that are meant to be butt plugs, shall we?
Was It Designed for Sex? Before using a makeshift toy that wasn’t designed for sex, consider what its original purpose was. There’s a good chance you’ll learn a lot about the dangers of that item when you stop and think about it.
Take produce, for example. A lot of hands touched those bananas or zucchinis at the grocery store before they got to you. Oh, and they’re also likely covered in pesticides, fruit flies, and maybe even wax. Ew!
Alternatively, think about that electric toothbrush on your nightstand. Your clit is a lot more sensitive than your teeth. Hello, irritation and abrasion.
At the same time, consider if you’ll treat your DIY object the same way you would care for an actual sex toy. Probably not. For starters, you might not even be able to sanitize your homemade version properly. Plus, you’re more likely to remember to wash your Fleshlight than your cum sock — and I don’t want you to end up with a semen-induced ant problem.
What’s It Made From? Materials are a huge concern when it comes to anything you’re putting in our near your genitalia. Even some products marketed towards vulval and vaginal “health,” like jade eggs, douches, steaming, or scented washes, can cause more harm than good.
So if even genital-specific items aren’t always safe, imagine what homemade sex toys can do.
Most household objects aren’t manufactured to be body-safe. As such, they could contain a whole slew of harmful chemicals or cause an accident mid-use.
I mean, aerosol whipped cream manufacturers aren’t anticipating you using the can as a makeshift dildo. Even spraying the sugary treat near the vulva or penis head can lead to significant issues. Yeast infection, anyone?
While you’re at it, skip the home remedy suppositories too. Yogurt-soaked tampons and garlic head shouldn’t be going inside you — not from that end, anyway.
Not to mention, some objects are fragile by nature. If you don’t believe my cautions, ask the guy who used a lightbulb for anal play and almost died when it broke.
Oh, and on that note, beware of anything pointy, sharp, or generally not smooth. Abrasion, irritation, and microtrauma can occur in no time — especially when you’re repeatedly thrusting with it. So maybe also skip anything that your penis can get stuck in, okay?
Even if your DIY toy seems okay at first, it might hurt you over time.
Some materials like jelly rubber, PVC, or rocks (hello, jade eggs) have tiny holes in them. These are called porous materials, and they can harbor bacteria no matter how much you sanitize them. As a result, they never really get clean. Heads up: sharing porous toys can also transmit STIs. So t’s best to pair these materials with condoms.
Can You Make It Safer?
I know, I know, if you’ve been using your trusty electric razor as a vibrator since you were a teen and have never had an issue, you’re likely rolling your eyes while reading this.
So while I don’t condone homemade sex toys, I know people will still use them. If that sounds like you, listen up. Here are some ways you can make your DIY toys a lot safer:
Here are some of the 31 different erogenous zones that many people overlook or quickly move past:
  • Use a condom. They’re not just for partnered sex! While condoms can’t prevent all potential harm from a DIY sex toy, they’re a good place to start. It adds an extra layer of protection between you and the object — especially for hard-to-clean items.
  • Sanitize everything. Clean, clean, clean! Like any sex toy, you should be cleaning your item before and after every use. If it’s an object that’s safe enough to boil, opt for that method. If not, a little warm water, mild unscented soap, and some scrubbing will do the trick.
  • Use lube. The vagina naturally lubricates itself, but sometimes you need a little extra help. However, you don’t get that luxury with anal play — lube is absolutely necessary. Plus, lube can minimize your chance of microtears and increase pleasure. So lube it up!
  • Only use anal toys with flared bases. We’ve gone over this one already, but I can’t say it enough. If you’re inserting anything up the butt, it has to have a flared base, so it doesn’t get lost.
  • Check the object for sharp pieces. Before you do anything with your makeshift toy, double-check it for sharp, pointy, or rigid bits. Otherwise, you may experience some serious pain. Regardless of what you’re using, if it’s uncomfortable or painful, immediately stop.
  • Avoid putting objects inside your body. This is a tricky one. When you think of sex toys, you’re probably thinking of insertable things like dildos, vibrators, and buttplugs. However, if you find a DIY toy you can’t help but explore, try to keep it outside of your body. Leave penetration to body-safe toys. Instead, consider if you can stimulate yourself or your partner in other non-penetrative ways. Get creative with it!
Household Objects Safe for Sexy Times Alright, I’ll level with you because there are some household objects that get the green light. Still, these aren’t makeshift toys you’ll be putting inside your body — or putting your body into. As I said, it’s best to save that for the reputable sex toys designed for that use.
But there are some ways you can get creative in the bedroom using items you already have on hand.
  • Neckties. If you’re into bondage, this one’s for you. With your partner’s consent, try using neckties to tie them up (or have them tie you up). Wrap their hands together, or tie each one to your headboard for some dominance play. Still have some extras lying around? Put another tie in their mouth for a DIY mouth gag. Or turn it into a blindfold!
  • Pillows. Pillows may be the ultimate sex accessory. They’re great for humping — for people of all genders — and double as a fantastic prop. Place one under you wherever you need some lift and support. It’s perfect for adding some comfort and accessibility to all of your positions. Maybe keep one reserved just for sex, though.
  • Showerhead. If you’re a clitoris owner, there’s a good chance you’ve used water pressure to get you off. That showerhead can do toe-curling things! Just be sure to keep the water on your vulva and not inside your vagina, and definitely don’t insert the actual showerhead anywhere.
  • Belts. If you enjoy spanking and want to level up your pain — I mean, game — head to the closet. Straps add a good amount of sting to a spanking, so make sure your partner is down. They also make perfect handcuffs, harnesses, and leashes.
  • Ice. Temperature play can be spine-chilling, literally. Running an ice cube down their body or stimulating their erogenous zones with a freezing mouth can build layers of excitement. Level it up by blindfolding your partner first!
  • Wooden spoons. Much like a belt, wooden spoons add some spice to your spanking. Why not try each one out to see which sting you best prefer?
  • Skin-safe soy candles. Do you have some soy candles lit to set the mood? If they’re safe for skin and your partner is game, drizzle some of the warm melted wax onto their skin. Be careful, though! You’ll want to maintain communication and avoid any sensitive areas on your partner’s body.
Final Thoughts Your body deserves better than homemade sex toys. Spending a little extra cash is always worth it if it means maintaining your health and safety. DIY toys are never worth the risk — even if your partner thinks seeing you masturbate with a cucumber would be the hottest thing in the world. However, you can bring some household items into the bedroom to spice up your sex. Just don’t insert anything that isn’t meant for penetration, okay?
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2021.10.27 03:12 Rockinathan Mortal Kombat X: "Kitana" Intro dialogues (With Kombat 1 and 2 opponents)

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2021.10.27 03:12 user4morethan2mins Bitcoin Master Swaps Tether (USDT) to USD Coin (USDC)

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2021.10.27 03:12 goshhad Maryse Ouellet vs Summer Rae

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2021.10.27 03:12 The_Forest55 ¿Esta bien dejarse de hablar con un amigo, solo porque a otro amigo tuyo le caiga mal?

Bueno, antes un poquito de contexto sobre porqué pregunto esto xD.
Lo que pasa y acontece es que hace un rato tuve una discusión con una amiga (llamemosle Sofía) por un estado de WhatsApp que coloqué, en ese estado era una pequeña broma sobre una conversación que estaba teniendo con otra amiga (llamemosle Jennie) que es "integrante", por así decirlo, de un grupo el cuál le cae mal a mi amiga Sofía. Las personas de este dichoso grupo antes eran amigas de Sofía, pero ocurrió un problema y se terminaron peleando, y ahora hay una enemistad entre ese grupo y el grupo de Sofía, del cuál soy parte.
Siguiendo con lo del estado, Sofía me respondió el estado y empecé a bromear con lo que ella me dijo, pero al ver que me iba a empezar a putear por ello, la paré y le dije que le parecía muy inmaduro de su parte que, por ser amigo de ella, ya no pudiera tener amistad con personas con las que ella ha tenido problemas (aunque importante aclarar, Jennie nunca se ha hablado con Sofía, solo se junta con las personas del grupo con el que está enemistada Sofía, y la única interacción que han tenido fue una mala mirada un día, y ya por eso le cayó mal Jennie a ella xD), a lo que ella me respondió que ella sentía impotencia y se sentía mal que un amigo de ella se juntara con gente que no le caía bien y que le han hecho muchas cosas malas, pero bueno, quitando mucha historia, se me vino una pregunta, ¿Está bien hablarse con personas con las cuales amigos tuyos tienen problemas? Si quieren respondanme en general y específicamente en este caso, porque no sé si es que yo no captó la gravedad de la situación, si es que Sofía está siendo dramática/tóxica o si ambos tenemos un poquito de razón.
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Our Tokenomics:
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