2021.10.27 05:20 skariko Greentooth

Greentooth è un’applicazione per Android molto semplice che vi permette di disattivare automaticamente il Bluetooth quando non lo utilizzate!
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2021.10.27 05:20 No_Detective_3635 Hawks and this 😅LADS💓

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2021.10.27 05:20 ProfessionalOwn1000 I think there are four types of fry scream. (this is kind of a long one)

People usually lump all fry screams together as one thing but I think there are actually four types.

I'm not a vocal coach but I have studied biology and the voice a lot and I know the anatomy. Different vocal teachers seem to have different explanations as to how you get into a fry scream and they all sound different. Just to list a few (these are very brief summaries, look them up for more details):
Chris Liepe - Do a high chest note then allow it to break into falsetto then use more power on the break until it starts to just go mental
Mary Z - Compress vocal fry then raise the pitch. That's not what she says she does but if you listen that's blatantly what she's doing.
Doug Zed, Sibila Extreme Vocal Center (this is the one that worked for me) - do a high-ish head voice note and allow it to go crackly and then power through
Andy Cizek - Do vocal fry, add air, combine with head voice note
This is based on two different types of fry. There seems to be a type of vocal fry based on full voice and one based on head voice/falsetto. I used to only have the chest voice type of vocal fry which is quieter but more smooth and consistent but I learned to do the falsetto type fry and that's what helped me finally start fry screaming after a year of trying everything I could find.
Has anyone else found this distinction or am I just wrong? No one seems to have a fuckin clue how the voice works because everyone's voice works and phonates in totally different but sort of similar ways. For example, in my case, both Chris Liepe and Mary Zs methods are severely painful and make me go hoarse and lose notes off the top end of my range. They sound almost identical, they're exactly correct and I do exactly what they're saying. But when they do them they can do it all day long with no pain or hoarseness. However Doug Zed's method really works well for me and I can do it for a sustained period of time even though I only really cracked it last week. That's just me though.
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2021.10.27 05:20 MasterOfPuppr Events idea for my architecture school

Hello, I’ve been put in charge of the events in my architecture school’s student association, and I’m looking for events idea that’ll change from the usual parties and conferences. Any ideas ?
Thanks a lot to everybody !
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2021.10.27 05:20 TacoFlavoredTampons Any way to make a mod that binds a hotkey to toggle Ray Tracing on and off?

I generally play the game with RTX off on my 2080 SupeR7 3700X PC because the game already looks great with rasterized lighting and RTX kills my frames, but during the bits where you're just talking to people or inside certain buildings the ray tracing doesn't kill my frames too bad, and it does look better in some instances, particularly when there's lots of glass. For instance, the glass panels inside the Afterlife club look way different with ray tracing on.
I've never made a mod before, but I wonder if it's possible to bind a hotkey to toggle ray tracing on or off using mods? Is there something like that out there already?
If I'm not mistaken that function exists in other games, like Minecraft. What y'all think? Anyone wanna make that for me? Pretty please?
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2021.10.27 05:20 Nicky-Summ Week 8

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2021.10.27 05:20 NewsElfForEnterprise Hertz Is Buying 100,000 Teslas in a Massive $4.2 Billion Deal

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2021.10.27 05:20 Ichimiku My cat is chillin inside today <3

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2021.10.27 05:20 esden118 Rare all-ORANGE Viper fighter, Vulture wings over box thruster + single rear thruster, Euclid T3 economy

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2021.10.27 05:20 Just-Reception-6162 "Mára mindenki tisztában van vele, hogy a kapitalizmusnak nagyon sok árnyoldala van, a hatalmas egyenlőtlenségektől a kirekesztésen át egészen odáig, hogy már a személyes kapcsolatok is egyre inkább az árutermelés logikája szerint működnek."

A múltkori kapitalizmust kritizáló írásomra és személyemre érkezett (értsd: személyeskedés, kommunista és egyéb butaságok társaságában...) kritikákat folytassam aka nincs alternatíva?
Interjú Branko Milanovic korunk egyik meghatározó közgazdasági gondolkodója, a globális egyenlőtlenségekről szóló viták egyik legtöbbet idézett szerzője.
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2021.10.27 05:20 InfantryMOD Dounreay funds PhD for legacy particles research

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2021.10.27 05:20 TrendsWide victory at Oklahoma and leading the West at 4-0

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2021.10.27 05:20 Pitiful-Chard6535 Minecraft is broken

Ever since 1.17 came out I have been unable to play, every time I get hit with the god damn "Exit Code 0" I have done everything and I mean EVERYTHING to fix it, Reinstall, Update Java/Windows/Game Drivers, Close EVERY OTHER PROGRAM in order to close more programs i'd have to delete system 30 god damn 2. funny enough 1.16 and below works just fine, so this is definitely a Mojang problem releasing a broken mess, or it was something to do with account migration which again would be because of Mojang. i don't use mods and haven't for years, I just wanna play with my mates
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2021.10.27 05:20 emulate_ Dúvida IVAucher

Bom dia,
Eu ainda acumulei umas valentes coroas nesta modernice do IVAucher...
Agora para começar a descontar, preciso de também pedir o NIF nas faturas e depois eles devolvem 50% da fatura para o cartão em que fiz o pagamento até ao meu saldo ficar utilizado, correto ?
Obrigado pela ajuda!
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2021.10.27 05:20 ClassicFlavour Science Museum: Climate activists in overnight protest over fossil fuel sponsors

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2021.10.27 05:20 The_Perfect_Chef İşte gerçek bir T.C. öğrencisi böyle ders dinler

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2021.10.27 05:20 fanofsomedumbstuff Just got back to playing DotA. Last I played was 2015, and I have to say... it feels better now in a casual way and still mechanically intense the way I loved it back then.

What made me quit DotA back then was the levels of trolling or team sabotage (Tiny tossing teammates in to trouble, KOTL and Io TPing teammates in bad spots, Earthshaker fissuring teammates in bad positions, teammates intentionally bodyblocking, etc...) even in unranked (especially in unranked, and it mildly improved in ranked). I then just quit the game though I kept watching TI. Now, after coming back and putting in 200 hours since my return, I'm happy with what I'm seeing, because the worst I've consistently experienced are people just talking shit or taking farm, which wasn't a bother to me since I play position 4 and roam most of the time (I'm not the type of player to even want to stack creeps, I let the position 5 or the position 1 playes do it themselves), which I can just mute.
The game is less soul crushing after a hard day at school and coping with the human malware the world's plagued with, despite that its getting better now, though not much has improved in my country.
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2021.10.27 05:20 AcedNox Darkrai - 1484 6498 3729

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2021.10.27 05:20 cantgobacktothatlake TIFU swimming after a GI contrast

Obligatory I’m on mobile, and this happened 2 weeks ago, thought I’d share. Throwaway, for obvious reasons.
So I get a recommendation to get an upper GI contrast done to check out my bowels and whatnot. No biggie, was told it’s not invasive and didn’t think much of it. I have IBS so it came to no shock that this appointment was needed.
Now for those of you who are unaware, this test consists of swallowing several forms of barium, while they position you under an X-ray. It lets them see you swallow the liquid and the barium creates a gas that expands your stomach. What I was not informed of, is that barium makes you shit. Hard.
I took the appointment like a champ, barium tasted funny and I’m giggling in my car at how much I cannot stop burping. My friend texts me saying they wanna go swimming, I head home and they pick me up all ready to go. Swimming is fine, we’re kinda far out and I’m noticing a bit more gas, nothing crazy though. We notice one of the floats we’re using is getting low and we head off to shore to blow it back up a bit. Once I was in shallow enough water to stand, I get out of my float and stood. Luckily I was faster to shore than my friends and had time to let out the loudest and most unholy ground-breaking fart I have ever heard in my life. You know that relief you get when you fart really hard? Yeah this wasn’t that. It was followed by many concerning little poots that I eventually managed to control.
I immediately kick it into “I’m-totally-fine” mode and tell my friends I need to use the restroom, they think nothing of it and get to work on the floats. I’m speed walking towards the restroom. Unfortunately these restrooms are kind of far from where we were swimming, and as I’m getting closer, I’m having to squeeze tighter and tighter. Maybe 50ft away from the bathroom, it starts. I feel the slow heat and squish against my bathing suit, but I can’t go any faster now. I’m sweating and praying to whatever is out there that nothing starts going down my leg or oozing out my bathing suit. I get into a stall and desperately rip my one piece bathing suit off my body to assess the damage.
Absolute massacre. As I take off my suit there’s chemical ware fare coming from my asshole. I’m shitting the most foul smelling whiteish sludge into my suit, the floor, the toilet seat, I couldn’t move fast enough. I’m wiping my bathing suit and my legs feverishly, heaving and gagging through tears. I had to finish shitting while covered in my own shit. I wipe the floor and toilet seat and dash to the sink to wash off my soiled suit, bare assed in an open public restroom where thank god no one came. The sink doesn’t work. I get back into the stall and to no avail, wiping the suit just doesn’t get it out. Im ashamed, but I did what I had to do. I flushed the toilet and with the new clear water, I began scrubbing my bathing suit in the toilet. Midway through, I vomit. Im now sobbing into a toilet as I continue to clean my suit. Eventually it no longer has shit all over it and I’m free to leave the restroom.
I pull myself together, get back in the lake, and contemplate everything that has led me to this point. I feel dirty, violated, ashamed. And I never told a soul, until now.
TLDR: I shit myself swimming and had to clean it in a public toilet
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2021.10.27 05:20 meowmeowwillhurtyou My pets are ready for HALLOWEEN. Let's see how they prepare. Bet you will laugh your ass off

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2021.10.27 05:20 DismalOubliette_ Predalien at it again (oc)

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2021.10.27 05:20 XiJinPingWinniePooh Is this the ultimate tech card?

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2021.10.27 05:20 spandauIstKacke Unterwegs mit den Maishäcksler-Profis | Die Nordreportage | NDR Doku

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2021.10.27 05:20 These_Ad1806 Free compliments? I never get compliments. Yes please!

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2021.10.27 05:20 Savings_Historian_18 Need help thinking of a reward system for weight loss and self improvement

Hey everyone! I just started my weight loss and lifestyle journey. For some context, I have an ED and just started journaling in a manifestation planner that emphasizes rewards for goals.
I’ve always had an unhealthy reward system with food and I won’t go into detail to avoid triggering others but I want to reward myself for my goals achieved in some way. I also deal with mental illness and self-care is frequently on my goal lists so I don’t see self-care as a reward, instead it’s more like a requirement.
Friends, google, and even my therapist haven’t been very helpful here in helping me think of healthy rewards that don’t revolve around food, self-care, or finances. Honestly, even I’m drawing a blank when trying to think of rewards that don’t enable restriction, cost money or insinuate self-care should be earned.
None of those things are motivating to me. Am I just imagining that there has to be rewards for goals accomplished that are healthy? Maybe I need this to be reframed.
If you google rewards, you’ll find lists like “go to a nice dinner, get your nails done, buy a new outfit, drink wine, etc.” For me, those rewards sound more like the goals, as I struggle to do self-care and fun things.
Does anyone have any kind of ideas or input? Am I even making sense?
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