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Im going to sound like a hørny teen.. prob cuz I am.. But I'm addicted to this book and Beckett is my drugs😭

2021.12.05 10:20 Choices_1011 Im going to sound like a hørny teen.. prob cuz I am.. But I'm addicted to this book and Beckett is my drugs😭

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2021.12.05 10:20 haNdrAph 🐸 BabyFrog Token 🐸 | Public Presale live today at 14:00 UTC ⏰ (09.00 am EST) | NFT Marketplace | Audited & Devs KYCed 👑 | 800 BNB HardCap | First-Ever $USDT-Paying Gaming Platform ⚔️| 🏆 Join Now!

🐸 Inspired by one of the world's most-known memes, the Pepe Frog comes BabyFrog.🐸
Public presale today at at 14:00 UTC ⏰ (09.00 am EST)
🐸 All $BABYFROG holders receive automatic $USDT rewards. The $BABYFROG Token deploy some of the most advanced automatic reward functions! 💵
Besides offering $USDT payment dividends, BabyFrog also has NFTs coming up called "Froggies", these have several utilities such as:
- Exclusive Staking pools (Only accessible to Froggie NFT owners!) 🚀
- PvP Arena (P2E Game) ⚔️
- Tradeable on Marketplace
BabyFrog has put a focus on utility. Froggies are NFTs based on the ERC-721 standard that underlies most digital collectible and utility projects. Running on the Binance Smart Chain.
Fully audited and KYCed 🔎
✅ Audit: https://github.com/interfinetwork/smart-contract-audits/blob/main/BabyFrog_AuditReport_InterFi.pdf
✅ KYC: https://github.com/interfinetwork/kyc-verification-certificates/blob/main/BabyFrog_KYCCertificate_InterFi.pdf
📰 Media coverage prior to launch
BabyFrog is already featured in some of the world's biggest financial media outlets!
Yahoo Finance
Market Watch
Bitcoin Insider
Bsc News
Babyfrog have setup a marketing fund that will be used to finance marketing campaigns to grow the community. One of a number of the marketing approaches they are taking is collaboration NFTs with celebrities, well-known content creators or respected designers in the community. They will not only focus on the NFT aspect of the project but will also promote BabyFrog as a brand.
Some of their plans include

The Babyfrog community is set to grow exponentially and today is the perfect chance to get in on the action first.
Don't miss out! Presale is going live today, 5th of December at 14:00 UTC ⏰ ( 09.00 EST )
▶️Presale: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x383277831248C94F64dA31F451a671Cb62EBc38f?chain=BSC
Website 🌐 https://babyfrog.io/
Telegram💬 https://t.me/BabyFrogio
Twitter https://twitter.com/BabyFrogio
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2021.12.05 10:20 lawdtrash found a card - any way to get revolut to pass on my details to return this person's wallet?

I found a Revolut card in a wallet with several other important documents today. As Revolut's phone number is totally automated, I can't do what I normally do - ring up, cancel the card and ask to pass on my contact details so I can return the rest of the wallet.
I can certainly just chop up the card and discard the rest of the contents, but as I said there's several other things in there that if it was my wallet, I'd want back. No better lead on contact details unfortunately.
I can give it to a cop, but I know how these things go - it won't get back to this person. I walk my city a lot and have found quite a few wallets, bank cards, and other valuables. I'm happy when I can get stuff back to people. The time I bothered with police, they held onto the watch I found for 4 weeks and then gave it back to me. I'm sure they did not try even as much as I did to get in touch with the owner.
If nothing else, could a cardholder in this sub get on live chat and see what my options are to help this person? Again, I don't need their contact details, I'd just want Revolut to pass mine to them.
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2021.12.05 10:20 JEREMYCLARKSON_05 IQ test puts Genius Gosforth 10-year-old among world's brainiest 1%.This boy lives in the U.K but is orginally from malapuram,keralam.What can we our country do to find out such talents and retain them in our nation.

IQ test puts Genius Gosforth 10-year-old among world's brainiest 1%.This boy lives in the U.K but is orginally from malapuram,keralam.What can we our country do to find out such talents and retain them in our nation. submitted by JEREMYCLARKSON_05 to Kerala [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 10:20 iamthemememan0_0 ik denk dat ik bij pieten gym zo ben

ik denk dat ik bij pieten gym zo ben
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2021.12.05 10:20 NextLibris Am I the only one who finds the show OVERLY dramatic?

I'm a huge fan of the books and I find the series hard to watch and NOT because of the changes in the plot. I actually like the changes in the plot (except Perrin's) , I love the art design, the clothing, Tar Valon, the casting and all that I think is great.
I just HATE how overly dramatic the show is. If they just took it down two notches, it would be perfect.
I am also watching this with my fiancé who has never read the books and I can see how difficult it is for her to get invested in the characters and the story because everything is kind of ridiculous. Why are there so many religious rites? They neither add to character-building nor world-building. Do we really need to hear a monologue about that one time Egwene got breakbone fever to learn how tough she is, after she has already defied Valda? And did we really need a whole episode about how Kerene and Stepin die and what a big tragedy it is? Did we really need Lan to beat his own chest and claw open his shirt? We already had SEVERAL emotional scenes about how Stepin is hurting.
I am honestly surprised that everybody is chewing on changes in the plot and nobody seems to be bothered by the overacting and tearjerking. To me, the charm of the books was that it was a fantasy universe where I could never trust anyone because anybody could be a Darkfriend or follow their own political/personal agendas. I liked the scheming, the mistrust and the truly touching moments were when people were compassionate or brave or righteous despite the darkness in the world. I miss the subtlety. This feels very plastic and Hollywood. I am very disappointed.
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2021.12.05 10:20 heavyhoncho35 i'd my dogs first is the "son", they all have white on their chests

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2021.12.05 10:20 kamidada 《JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean》『Jolyne's Theme』EPIC Orche...

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2021.12.05 10:20 mayeranek Why do y'all always refuse to go camping 🏕️?

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2021.12.05 10:20 Polariis_ Test

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2021.12.05 10:20 ravenclawww123 can you put a ring in a labret?

i'm going to get a labret piercing on the side of my lip and was wondering if I can put a ring in after it is healed? I've read somewhere that you can't but I know people who have done it and I really want it.
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2021.12.05 10:20 XxDreamxX0109 I got Domino! As it couldn’t give me an epic before the 10 guaranteed hehe

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2021.12.05 10:20 nopecertified What does a favorite person mean to you personally?

So I know not everyone has a favorite person,but if you do,how do you know when someone’s your favorite person? What does having a favorite person mean to you? Can you have multiple ‘favorite person’? Can your favorite person be someone other than your partner if you’re in a relationship? How does that work? Does your favorite person heavily influence/impact your actions and emotions and are you overly codependent on your favorite person? If yes,how do you manage?
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2021.12.05 10:20 Ok-Structure-4756 I miss high school

I just graduated from high school in June of this year and my life has drastically went downhill since then. I guess I just miss the feeling of always having people to talk to, always having somewhere to go, and I miss the feeling of structure. I miss going to class, I miss waiting for the bell to ring so I could go talk to my friends during passing period and then go to my next class. I miss lunch time, I miss the teachers, I miss hanging out with friends after school and going to parties. I miss everything about it. It's depressing knowing that it's over, I can't even pass by my old high school anymore without becoming depressed. I can't even watch movies about high school without becoming depressed. The other day ago Clueless was on TV and I got depressed so I had to turn it off. I have a job but most of my coworkers are a lot older than me, I'm the youngest person at my job and I only work like 2 days a week and none of my coworkers are interested in being friends with me. My friends from high school stopped talking to me after we graduated. I'm not sure if it's normal feeling this way, I know many people want to finish high school and start their adult lives but I just miss it, I miss is to much I'm crying while writing this and I cried while looking at old pictures of me and my friends in high school, we were having the time of our lives. I don't know if I will ever get past this, honestly.
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2021.12.05 10:20 Original-Cinikal Aussie Magpies

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2021.12.05 10:20 Vgta-Bst Yesterday was the day I finally saw RED!

I jumped on the Doge train September of 2020. Around 0.03. I keep filling my bags until my DCA was about 0.05ish. Then I got extremely greedy and FOMOd Ks of moneys into Doge. RIGHT BEFORE SNL. Which brought my average to .17 .18 around that.
Well yesterday after many months I was finally on the red on my Doge. I saw it and thought to myself "well that's booty" but that's it.
I didn't get sad, upset, suicidal, etc. I was born and raised third world. I never had a lot of money growing up and most of my adult life. I still don't have a lot. My spare change goes into Doge and other coins.
So please brothers and sisters don't do anything stupid during this crash. Just take a deep breath. The moon is up there. And we will reach it soon enough.
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2021.12.05 10:20 ob103ninja Purchased as "Unknown fluorescent mineral" on eBay, much like some other specimens I've bought but identified. This one evades me. Locality not specified.

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2021.12.05 10:20 Ari_Kalahari_Safari unexpected Sam o'nella on a post about mother teresa

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2021.12.05 10:20 ObiWan_KenOC Fighting for justice

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2021.12.05 10:20 CamDrunk Day 50! 29y/o UK 🇬🇧

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2021.12.05 10:20 comopezenelagua Las aguas del Golfo Nuevo palpitan el Sudamericano de Windsurf

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2021.12.05 10:20 taniswayne Completed Tula challenge !

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2021.12.05 10:20 Ok_Actuator_7203 The other day I posted a drawing of mckracken what other yo Kai do you guys think I should draw

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2021.12.05 10:20 seruarg PC restarts game/videos

Hey everyone.
Got a new PC, here are some of the specs:
Mother rog strix b450f gaming II.
Radeon 6600xt.
R5 5600x.
3600mhz ram patrio viper 2x8gb
Seasonic 600w psu.
Monitor sentey 24inch ips 1ms 144hz (currently set at 120hz)
After I try to open a game of video (youtube even) my PC restarts, everything else seems to work normal.
1) mother bios is updated.
2) drivers should be updated it says so on the asus armor software that lets you download what you need.
3) no temp problems, this even happens on a fresh restart.
4) i did not touch anything on win10 pro, just uninstalled apps like solitaire and shit.
5) im afraid to install the amd drivers caus last time I did the pc went on an infinite restart loop that could be stoped by reseting windows all over.
6) im afraid also to try to stablish my monitor to 144hz, same reason as above tho this couldve happened while instaling drivers and related to that.
7) update: used DDU in safe mode and made a new driver reinstall..nothing.
8)all amd chipset and those drivers are updated.
9) i hace SAM options on bios enabled and docp also enabled, but the error was before this also so i guess its kot the problem..also SAM on the adrenalin soft is disabled, cant change it, dunno why.
My guess? Its a gpu problem but dunno what to do, I dont have any other gpu to test this, if I cannot solve it, maybe it will end up with IT support.
Thanks for the help everyone.
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2021.12.05 10:20 horrortheateryt PRIMAL RAGE 1988 movie trailer Furia primitiva 1988 movie trailer Written by Umberto Lenzi Plot: A scientist at a Florida university inadvertently creates a "rage virus" while performing experiments intended to restore dead brain tissue in baboons. When a journalist for the college paper breaks int

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