[World] - Arab Coalition destroys 14 vehicles, kills more than 115 Houthis | Al Arabiya

2021.12.05 11:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Arab Coalition destroys 14 vehicles, kills more than 115 Houthis | Al Arabiya

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2021.12.05 11:34 impossiblewishh Which questions would you ask someone who has clinically died for 1,5 hours on the age of 19 and still is alive today?

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2021.12.05 11:34 lonelyheart1818 Do you guys think this is Larimar??

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2021.12.05 11:34 Gentledew Looking for someone to quest with!

Made the swap from Ironman somewhat recently, getting close to 1.9k levels, but still only have 25 quest points. Would like to change that sometime soon and it'd be great to have someone to do it with, so leave a comment here or add me in game if you're interested, my RSN is Disperis. Cheers!
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2021.12.05 11:34 ToroPoke Eufy battery doorbell eject hole blocked

Hey Guys,
it was too late when the I realize the eject hole is at the bottom of the doorbell. I had already snapped in the doorbell and now there's no way to access the hole unless I remove one of the bricks.
Is there a another way to take off the doorbell without damaging the unit?
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2021.12.05 11:34 black-sheep-bitch A girl who I thought was weird died by suicide

I was in college, almost 10 years ago now.
I had to take a health credit for school, and I chose dance. In this class there was a girl who immediately stood out to me. She was one of those people you could tell was an artist in some way. She had funky tattoos and wore cool clothes and always was lugging a giant portfolio around.
But she had this vibe about her. Something more than being an artist. It was weird, but not necessarily in a bad way. But it was one I’ve never felt from anyone else, before or since. It made me curious about her, but she was shy and so was I so we never really talked. We only danced together and exchanged a few polite smiles.
One day about 2/3 of the way through the semester, class begins and she isn’t there. The next we find out she died. The next we find out she died by suicide.
I looked up her obituary and her blog also came up. I could never be sure but it was almost like she wanted people to read it. To know why. In it she detailed her life, from her relationship to her parents to her trauma. She wrote about how only weeks before she died, she watched her friend’s fish die, and it entranced her to decide on doing that to herself. She drew sketches of her looking at the fish as it floated. She wrote about how ironic it was that when she ordered helium in order to make an “exit bag,” it came with balloons. She drew a sketch of her head with the bag over it, as if it were an instructional guide.
I still don’t know if it was truly something she wanted people to see or not, but it eventually got scrubbed from search results. I felt terrible about feeling like she had a weird vibe but as time has passed I’ve realized that I was probably picking up on something terrible - her consuming pain. I wish there is something more I could have done but I guess there was really no way to know what was going on below the surface. I was thinking about her today and wanted to share this anonymously as I really have never told anyone about it and I still feel quite a bit of guilt that there might have been something I could have done.
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2021.12.05 11:34 ruben11450 Anyway to zoom the small right mirror, or add it to f2

Any way of doing this, is there a mod for this? i want to , practice manuvers and the small right mirror is very important but i cant barely see it, it would be cool if there was a way to zoom it or to add it to f2 like you can do with the big mirror.
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2021.12.05 11:34 Lost_Lynx_6430 January 6 was opposite of 1776, judge tells rioter who carried revolutionary flag into US Capitol

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2021.12.05 11:34 WolfOfAsgaard Best subscription services for D&D Miniatures?

Hi all, I've seen similar posts to this before, but none that answer my specific question:
Does anyone know a good Patreon (or equivalent) that provides minis for creatures you would find in the Monster Manual + Expansions?
The best I've found is Loot Studios, which tend to have monsters that exist in D&D, but I am wondering if there are better value ones out there.
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2021.12.05 11:34 throwaway466677 How do vectors and magnitude work with negative numbers?

I got some practice questions for a test and one of the questions ask to find the magnitude of -12 over 9
After doing -12² + 9² I got -63 but when I try to get the square root of it I get an error on the calculator
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2021.12.05 11:34 Kitty_glitter_123 What is something which is illegal but actually should be legal?

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2021.12.05 11:34 Busy-Entrepreneur886 Strongholds under y 0 should be made of deepslate

https://postimg.cc/d76cgSgm I find this a good idea for two reasons. First of all, it's a little weird how a stone structure ends up in an area completely surrounded by deepslate, and it would just make more sense for it to be made of deepslate. Second of all, as you can see on the image above, it just looks really cool giving it a real kind of abandoned dungeon-like feel (Of course, there is no such thing as mossy deepslate bricks, but maybe that could also be added).
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2021.12.05 11:34 Mutraxation (S&S) "One of a kind" didn't quite age well

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2021.12.05 11:34 hlinik14 i think the radioactive spider injected him with adhd

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2021.12.05 11:34 Theone123tdc ill be doing funny Unity devlogs (pls check the video out)

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2021.12.05 11:34 orbgevski So the largest Sassafras tree in the world is a couple blocks from my house

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2021.12.05 11:34 poopoopants98 Guys look at the R34 site there's loads

I have a weird phone and can't screenshot so I cant
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2021.12.05 11:34 LennaBlakely Trisha Paytas & Lena Lesbian S3x New Viral Leaked Video

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2021.12.05 11:34 gamiseki1977 Sergio Egea: ‘Pumas es muy exigente, Lillini y su cuerpo técnico están respondiendo’

Fuente: https://www.record.com.mx/futbol-liga-mx-pumas/sergio-egea-pumas-es-muy-exigente-lillini-y-su-cuerpo-tecnico-estan Una de las fortalezas de Pumas es su cuerpo técnico. Y es que, a decir de Sergio Egea, extécnico y directivo quien en 2016 contrató a Andrés Lillini como director de fuerzas básicas de Universidad, explicó que el actual entrenador felino se supo rodear en este torneo de la gente correcta, y eso le ha dado tan buenos resultados que el trabajo en equipo los ha llevado hasta la Semifinal. “Andrés Lillini está rodeado de gente buena que le ayuda día a día como Hermes Desio que fue tremendo futbolista en Argentina, Pumas es un club que exige mucho y está respondiendo a la confianza que le dieron y, después de un semestre difícil, Pumas está en un momento de altura que creo por como están, pocos quisieran enfrentarse a la dinámica de Pumas”, dijo a RÉCORD.
Asimismo, Egea, quien fuera auxiliar de Hugo Sánchez en el Bicampeonato de Pumas en 2004, externó su confianza en que los universitarios logren darle la vuelta al marcador adverso (0-1) y consigan el pase a la Final del torneo mexicano, pues a decir de Sergio, han mejorado mucho con respecto a lo que mostraron en la fase regular. Incluso, dejó claro que, desde su punto de vista, si Universidad continúa como lo ha hecho, ganará la serie. “El equipo se tiene que mentalizar para ganar, eso a Pumas le puede favorecer si siguen compitiendo como lo han hecho en la Liguilla. “Llevan un Final de liga y Liguillas impecables y eso hace que estén donde están, creo que están bien, crecidos anímicamente y eso es muy bueno y yo confío en la forma en que están afrontando esto, los veo con una dinámica y crecimiento futbolístico muy grande”, señaló.
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2021.12.05 11:34 shashroy Allahbama moment

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2021.12.05 11:34 SacredBullshit Cooked khichdi today. Sunday-Funday

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2021.12.05 11:34 apricot-ti Failing 10th grade will they force me to repeat the grade?

I am failing 10th grade tremendously, and I'm blaming online school for it and the fact that i went in to the school about 2 months late, will they force me to repeat or retake the grade or will I have a choice to take the fail and move on a grade? Failing is the consequences of my actions i am willing to take a failed grade certificate 10x times than repeating a grade, will they force me to repeat? What should I do, there's no fixing my grades because I'm way past deadline for it
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2021.12.05 11:34 SecondlifePman Game day ready!

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2021.12.05 11:34 DavidoGwapo the stars have aligned

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2021.12.05 11:34 karanari Any companies in Australia have virtual gift cards for their products/services?

Hello! I am a Canadian and I am wanting to help my friend out who lives in Victoria. She currently has some medical issues and can't get out as much as she used to. I am wondering if there are any shops, restaurants, services, food delivery, etc. that I could help pay for and all I would have to do would be to send her a code that she could use, or a virtual gift card? Anything along those lines! I would like it to be a surprises as well to let her know that I am thinking of her.
Thank you!
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