EUW / GOLD / 2 players / TOP, JGL, MID, SUPP / Looking for clash team

2021.12.05 12:31 Yuumi_or_afk EUW / GOLD / 2 players / TOP, JGL, MID, SUPP / Looking for clash team

Summoner name: Kinginthenorth
Nice CIit Sister
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2021.12.05 12:31 MalevolentFerret Request for ownership of /r/halocirclejerk. Neither mod above me - /u/WH1TECHOC0LAT3 and /u/mydogthecow - have posted in 5+ years.

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2021.12.05 12:31 LandSeerZ If you see this on a banana throw it out immediately. It's a banana spider cocoon

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2021.12.05 12:31 s3nsfan I’m trying to complete these. I’ve taken photos of company vans in Guanajuato?? Book it doesn’t say it’s correct. And what is Horizon Open Drifting?

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2021.12.05 12:31 Rexailos I think I'm getting SMTIV. Any MC build advices before I start?

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2021.12.05 12:31 johnrock001 D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man -
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2021.12.05 12:31 dArtagnanDnD Foretold Background | Because you were the chosen one, Anakin! | dArtagnanDnD Patreon

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2021.12.05 12:31 coljavskiyi ✊ Medabots ✊ Officially Launching Now on BSC Pad ⭐ Mobile Game & NFT Game of the Year | Millions of Fans Globally | Play to Earn | Fully Doxxed Team | AAA Devs.

⚔️$MEDA is a new cryptocurrency that gives videogame users the ability to manage their virtual in-game goods! Not only will the token be the native currency of the Medabots NFT Marketplace, there are many other use cases as outlined below:
1: Purchase in-game items and physical Medabots merchandise
2: Use to enter live tournaments and earn tokens. Ability to use Medacoin tokens to enter wager matches!
3: Mint your own Medapart NFTs!
4: Earn coins by referring friends
5: The same MEDACOIN tokens can be used in/transferred to all future games
☄︎ MEDABOTS (single & multiplayer) will be launching on iOS & Android in Q4 2021. In 2022 Medabots will then launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The team even has plans in the future to create Medabots action figures and a movie!
☑︎100,000,000 (100M) supply
☑︎40% allocated for project launch
☑︎15% reserved for staking rewards
☑︎10% allocated to research and development (R&D)
☑︎10% allocated to marketing
☑︎10% for core team member sales
☑︎5% Tax on all transactions added to Liquidity Pool.
☘︎ Link Buy ☘︎
⚙️ Contract Address: 0x545Fc3dc9B77983028BEA3854740f169947B6fE8
⚙️ Pancakeswap:
☎︎ Official Links:
⚜️ Website:
⚜️ Telegram:
⚜️ Twitter:
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2021.12.05 12:31 Clean-Razzmatazz-649 Flat Affect

I Have this and it is chronic and constant. It makes socialising exhausting as I am always thinking what expressions are relevant to the situation/conversation. Faking them becomes hard and draining and it all feeds into being very self aware of myself due to this deficit. Who here experiences this aswell? Has anything helped psychologically of medication wise to relieve the symptom?
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2021.12.05 12:31 DESTlNY Got my shards yesterday so I am keen! Here's keeping my fingers crossed it's him next

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2021.12.05 12:31 8bit_heresy Sketch probably not gonna finish. Yea I know cringe.

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2021.12.05 12:31 New-Hedgehog-4299 real sub for sub

My video link:

  1. Watch the video (My video link)
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That's it.
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2021.12.05 12:31 Zaedin0001 MMK Lore Post #4: Bishop takes G6

This was originally posted alongside the 2036 main post, now while I was copying this from the original post, this focuses on the Huai fleet from Post #2 before it became the Fu Fleet
A man begins to regain consciousness in a bright room. The room itself looks extremely advanced with one wall being made of glass allowing for people inside to look down on what appears to be a runway. Computers and other unconscious men also lay around the room as the man awakens. ‘What the hell… how long have I been out for?’ The man waking up appears to know where he is as slowly rises from the floor of the room. ‘Why am I still on the bridge?’ The man’s name is Yun Geifa, Yuan Shuai (or Marshall) of the state of Huai and Captain of the Shengkai, a Type 004 Aircraft Carrier that the Huai built at their peak. As Yun regains his senses fully he begins to see all the chaos in the room, with everyone else besides him still unconscious. He quickly walked over to one of the knocked out Lieutenants that help man the bridge, shaking the man. “Hey, are you awake?” He gets no response from the officer, so he quickly checks to see if he has a pulse. ‘OK so he’s still alive, just knocked out… perhaps I should check up on the rest of the fleet.’ Remembering that there were more ships then his own apart of the Huai fleet which fled the mainland, Yun quickly turns on the central computer so he can get operations back underway. The first thing he checks is the nominal radar, however he quickly finds that the Shengkai appears to be completely alone out at sea, with the rest of the fleet having appeared to vanish. With that having failed he attempts to switch to a more secretive system of radar that uses encryption and message sending in-order to hide themselves in the event that is necessary. The downside to this is that no vocal communications could be sent and only specific encrypted text could be. This ‘Huai Radar’ however also turns up empty with no other ships having used the system. ‘Damn, did the rest of the fleet abandoned us when whatever struck us hit? Maybe some sort of massive Typhoon perhaps?’ He quickly punches in a command to the ‘Huai Radar’ to send a locate and find message so any other Huai ships can find them. He next checked the ships GPS systems, finding them all operational. He also learns that he along with the Shengkai are located just south of the Ryukyu Islands, far away from potentially being picked up by the ROC’s radar and potentially the Li’s blockading fleet. This means that while he was unconscious the ship managed to pass the Ryukyus without harm. ‘So I was right, nothing did happen to us and all that talk of a corruption was a fluke.’
While Yun continues to look over systems on the central computer the Lieutenant he was trying to wake up earlier slowly rose from his desk, which didn’t go unnoticed by Yun, who turned around to see the young man struggling to stand. “Lieutenant you should sit until your senses come back to you, I don’t know what or who did this to the crew but whatever it was it wasn’t pretty.” The Lieutenant quickly obliged and sat back down on the chair he was found on. As the Lieutenant slowly regained his senses Yun did a quick check over of the security cameras, however what he saw was more of the same as on the Bridge. In nearly every single room and hallway lay unconscious individuals all laying on the ground or sitting upright against the walls. ‘Just what the hell happened here?’ Yun was completely surprised as to the condition of the crew, however all equipment appeared to be fine and in working condition from what he saw on the cameras. The ship is also still moving South-Southeast at a heading of 170 at a speed of 20kts, the same speed he asked be set before they crossed the ‘corruption line’ as some officers were calling it. “Oh Sir, its good to see you awake! The last thing I remember was seeing you falling to the ground unexpectedly. I thought you had some sort of stroke.” The Lieutenant was now piping in from his desk before looking around the bridge for himself, finding that everyone else but the two of them were knocked out. “Lieutenant I am going to assume you are going to ask me why everyone is knocked out and the only answer I can give to that is I have no idea.” He then quickly stares back at the Lieutenant before continuing. “Lieutenant, I want you to try and wake everyone else up in this room while I continue trying to evaluate the situation, am I clear?” The Lieutenant quickly responds with a “Yes Sir!” before proceeding as told. While he is doing that, Yun quickly does a check of the flight check, however he finds something odd, the individuals on the flight deck look slightly different then those inside the main structure of the carrier. The bodies of the personal on the flight deck appeared to have decayed, with some sort of dark red hue having developed on their bodies in a checkerboard pattern. ‘What the hell is that… I’ll need to investigate this further.’ “Lieutenant… what’s your name Lieutenant?” The Lieutenant quickly stops shoving an unconscious body in an effort to wake the officer, who appears to be a Captain from his sleep and salutes the Yuan Shuai. “Lieutenant Rong Jiedan (容节淡), at your service Sir!” “Lieutenant Rong I’m giving you tactical command of this room until Rear Admiral Ye wakes up. I’m heading to the flight deck to investigate something and then to find Da Yuan Shuai Huai. Please continue trying to wake up the crew on the bridge Lieutenant.” “Yes, Sir!” With that exchange completed Yun Geifa quickly races to the Flight Deck of the Shengkai.
The Flight Deck of the Shengkai was littered with bodies, as roughly a hundred personal lay lying faced up on the deck. The faces of the victims all sport a red imprint on them, which took on a checkerboard pattern across their faces. Yun Geifa slowly walks over to the corpse of a 21 year old looking man lying face up next to the main aircraft hanger onboard the Shengkai. ‘Oh dear god what the hell is this?’ As he quickly checks the man for any sign of a pulse it comes up empty handed, meaning that the man was unfortunately dead. ‘My god may he rest in peace somewhere. Perhaps I should move the body.’ He attempts to pickup the corpse however as soon as he grabs the body’s torso the body splits in twain, as checkerboard shaped objects fall out of his now split body. ‘WHAT THE HELL?’ Yun quickly drops the body, or well the half he was holding and let he drop back onto the flight deck, which upon landing the body disintegrates into a series of checkerboard shaped objects that fell out of the corpse when it split in the first place. Yun is completely horrified by this and walks away, only to accidentally step on another corpse, causing it to all fall apart into checkers. ‘OK thats enough of this, this is just too much, I need to find Jiushi quickly. Just how the hell did their bodies morph into these things? There is no logical way that any of this should be possible… no it’s definitely not the alleged “corruption”, that is just a hoax.’ Yun quickly leaves the Flight Deck to find Huai Jiushi, the Leader of Huai as he heads back into the main structure.
Yun Geifa quickly walks through the corridors as he walks to Huai Jiushi’s quarters located at the back of the structure, being careful not to trample over any of the unconscious personal laying in the hallways. Eventually he gets to Huai’s room, where one of the guards entrusted to guard the entrance to the room coming to his senses and greeting the Marshall. “Ah Yuan Shuai, I don’t know what happened to myself as I only just woke up here myself. I hope you can forgive me for my inability to have potentially kept the Da Yu-“ “Shang Shi (Petty Officer First Class) please calm down, I’m not here right now to punish you for falling asleep as that has happened to practically everyone else aboard. What I do want you to do is unlock the door so I can see if the Da Yuan Shuai is alright.” The Petty Officer quickly grabs the key however turns back to the Yuan Shuai. “Sir this is just simple protocol but I’ll like you to sa-“ “Huahui.” The Petty Officer immediately proceeds to unlock the door upon hearing the word and opens the door to the Generalissimo’s quarters. “What the hell is this?” The Petty Officer is in complete shock as he sees that a red hued checkerboard pattern is seen on everything within the room, from the walls, to the furniture, to even the Generalissimo himself, who lays face up on what was his bed. Yun already knew that the Generalissimo was dead and quickly got a grip on the Petty Officer’s shoulder so he didn’t just run into the room. “Let go of me, we need to see if the Da Yuan Shuai is still alive.” “Boy he’s dead, I may not know what this thing is, but what I do know is that anyone who has checker-patched skin is already dead.” “But why aren’t you allowing me to enter the room? It should be fine if we enter.” Yun wanted to respond but he didn’t have a good excuse and so he let go of the Petty Officer, who rushed into the room. As soon as he stepped into the room, everything inside of it proceeded to disintegrate into things so small they couldn’t be seen. Everything from Huai Jiushi’s corpse, to the elegant furniture inside, to even the paint on the walls just disintegrated in-front of the both of them, leaving only a basic room of just concrete and some holes were the windows used to be.* And Here’s Part 2 “Petty Officer you should wake up your college on the floor to check if he’s still alive. I’m heading back to the bridge to check up on the situation there.” The Petty Officer just stared into the now empty room, apparently not able to comprehend the events that had just occurred. “Petty Officer that statement was an order, you’ll wake up your colleague and then help wale up everyone else on this floor, am I clear?” The Petty Officer continues to just start into the room, unfazed by his Yuan Shuai’s order. Suddenly, he pulls out his pistol, aims it at his jaw, and unloads a package straight into himself. His body unceremoniously falls to the barren floor of what was the Da Yuan Shuai’s quarters. Yun Geifa, despite having just witnessed a man kill himself, just quietly leaves the room, closes the door, and locks it so no one would go inside. “Hey Zhong Shi, can you please wake up and guard this room while I’m on the bridge?” He says as he nudges the mans head before walking away. ‘I’m still curious as to what exactly is causing this phenomenon, granted this phenomenon is disturbing but I would still like to find out what exactly is causing this.’ What Huai Jiushi now dead, the state of Huai has now all but vanished.
“Ah Welcome back Sir, as you can see I have currently waken up most of the bridge personal, however the Rear Admiral has yet to wake up.” Lieutenant Rong speaks with Yun who had just returned to the bridge of the Shengkai, where a now large amount of people are manning stations and doing their usual operations. “I’ll go wake up the Rear Admiral now Sir.” Lieutenant Rong quickly moves over to where the Rear Admiral is sleeping, right in the corner of the room. “Sir, you should get up now, even though the situation is odd we still have a job to do as representatives of the State of Huai.” He quickly nudges the Rear Admiral’s head, which then proceeds to fall apart upon being touched. “JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE HELL, HIS HEAD JUST CAME APART.” All the bridge personal immediately turned their attention to the now limp corpse of the Rear Admiral, with Lieutenant Rong just staring in disbelief at what had just occurred, Yun however was acting as if this was normal. “Shao Wei (Ensign), can you tell me if any other ships have gotten in contact with us on the ‘Huai Radar’?” The Ensign slowly turned his attention back from the scene with the now deceased Rear Admiral to reply to the Marshall. “Y-Y-Yes Sir in-fact, both loaned Troopships had contacted us shortly after you sent out that LAF. apparently the Da Xiao (Senior Captain) of the Ji had managed to reach that small island and had already established a base of operations two days ago while the Hei is currently heading to reach us right now.” ‘That is good news, there are others that are still around and flying the good flag’. “However they told us that the rest of the fleet apparently was nowhere to be found, though they did confirm that the Linyi had sunk due to some sort of strange phenomenon which they didn’t elaborate on.” ‘Strange Phenomenon hmm… could it be those checkerboard’s that killed Jiushi?’ He them remembered that Shang Wei (Lieutenant) Rong was still hyperventilating in front of the body of that Rear Admiral. He walks over to the man and puts a hand on his shoulder. “Lieutenant you need to pull yourself together, I know that what is happening right now defies all logic but right now is not the time for logical thinking. Just come with me for a few minutes and step away from the body, and that is an order Shang Wei.” Rong turns away from the body and heads for the central computer. “Shao Wei Li, can you please get rid of that corpse please? Just punching his chest will do the trick, and yes that will dispose of the body.” The Ensign quickly does just that while practically everyone else besides Rong and Yun watch on in horror as the body disintegrates. Rong and Yun meanwhile are both at the Central Computer and Yun prepares to send another coded message. “Sir… that message is a Death Confirm message, I assume it will be for Shao Jiang (Rear Admiral) Cun?” Yun looks at him briefly before resuming to type away. “He’s not the only one dead Lieutenant. Huahui was lost while we were unconscious.” Rong looks completely surprised at that statement before quickly replying. “But Huahui can’t be dead! He’s the most defended person on this ship!” “The Checkers got him Shang Wei, they got him and all the people lying on the flight deck.” He then sends the message before turning back to Lieutenant Rong
“Huai Jiushi is dead.”
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k thats all <333
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2021.12.05 12:31 melodism819 Learning watercolor, still can't get the details right though

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2021.12.05 12:31 VolDuck2022 Looking for teammates

40+ year old PSN player looking for tactical squad fun. Communication and teamwork is what makes this game fun for me. Shoot me a message with your psn if you’re like minded and wanna give it a go.
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2021.12.05 12:31 johnrock001 Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List

Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List -
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2021.12.05 12:31 ChampionshipLast7750 An (in)Competent Cyber Program – A brief cyber history of the ‘CCP’

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2021.12.05 12:31 pacifica1111 Which Alola starters owned by a dexholder is your personal favorite?

Hau received Popplio as his starter. However, he is not counted as an official dexholder.
View Poll
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2021.12.05 12:31 Nexpill 7SU2 OC Jay, by me

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2021.12.05 12:31 Background-Pound-353 Looking forward to 2022?

Are you looking forward to 2022?
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2021.12.05 12:31 Putrid_Acanthaceae Building reg approval U.K.

We have a tight budget and want to remove some non load bearing walls. 4 builders have confirmed its non load bearing and given quotes that I can work with. But to get an architect/ structural engineer to draw up and sign off the work will knock me over budget.
I’m told If I don’t get building regs it can make selling the house difficult.
Question - is there a cheaper way of getting building regs?
Eg getting retrospective approval and taking photos of the building processes so the retrospective approvals don’t need to rip up the work to inspect it later?
Any help appreciated!
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2021.12.05 12:31 cubedude777 Experience with 4MMC (mephedrone) along with weed ?

Anyone ever gotten pretty high after a bit of mkat? I have heard bad things about coke with weed (encouraging anxiety etc) would anyone like to share their experience with bud and drone? thanks !
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2021.12.05 12:31 Lol33ta Shield Magic by Charlotta Bävholm

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2021.12.05 12:31 louggr Using ‘literally’ as an intensifier is perfectly valid, and substituting it for ‘figuratively’ changes the meaning of the sentence

I see a lot of people moaning about the supposed ‘misuse’ of the word ‘literally’ when used as an intensifier.
Sample sentence: “My boss put me on the spot on a client call earlier and I literally had a heart attack”
The whole point of using the word ‘literally’ here is to exaggerate for comic effect. Obviously, I didn’t have a heart attack. The person I’m speaking to knows I didn’t have a heart attack.
Usually, ‘figuratively’ is offered as the ‘correct’ substitute, but saying “I figuratively had a heart attack” carries less weight and changes the tone of the sentence.
If we weren’t allowed to use metaphors, the english language would be pretty dull
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