WTB 3x3 Keyset.

2021.12.05 10:13 mBatman188 WTB 3x3 Keyset.

Offer: Ist Mal.
Need two.
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2021.12.05 10:13 igloouk Athlete - West Side (Official Music Video)

Athlete - West Side (Official Music Video) submitted by igloouk to FullMusicOnYoutube [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 10:13 Technical-Teacher-43 Can you do sled pulls off a block start?

I only see videos of people doing one or the other. Is it because doing sled pulls off a block start would not make any sense biomechanically?
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2021.12.05 10:13 Arcflasher1 Help with boy names

We are having trouble with getting boy names that start with the letter "M". Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
We both start with the letter "M" so we were thinking it would be cool to have a family with names that start with "M".
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2021.12.05 10:13 Time_Ad_893 MT - Grêmio x Internacional - Gauchão Feminino

Vi esse golaço, quis comentar aqui mas n tinha thread então fiz uma
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2021.12.05 10:13 Character-Avocado-10 Suggest me a good Shooter for PC (Online Coop)

Yeah, i look for a Coop Shooter for PC with a progression System. So i want to improve my Character over time and do Coop, prefered only PVE.
Something like Deep Rock Gallactic, or Back 4 Blood.
But i want a simple action game, no complicated dwarf digging or darkness paranoia zombie shooter... I just wanna shoot stuff and look cool, while doing so.
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2021.12.05 10:13 coindicators Daily Top 5 Performers, CI Carats - Popularity

Daily Top 5 Performers, CI Carats - Popularity Daily Top 5 Performers, CI Carats - Popularity
$DOGGY +2,866
$XPNET +1,372
$BOP +1,034
$CPOOL +995
$TECH +869
coindicators.net provides big data analysis based on multiple indicators for over 10.800 cryptocurrencies 🚀! Use our website to discover 🔥 and 📈 cryptocurrency!
More on https://coindicators.net/#/sources/coindicators/popularity Like and Retweet on https://twitter.com/coindicators/status/1467482232633896960 Follow our Telegram group for more updates https://t.me/coindicators
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2021.12.05 10:13 MichalKlej my little house ^^

my little house ^^ submitted by MichalKlej to Minecraftbuilds [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 10:13 kidkeen_sg cayo b2b panther 3 gold hard mode

must have aggressor loadout
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2021.12.05 10:13 lucassoaresca [For Hire.] Illustrator and Concept Artist available for freelance work. Send me an email to find out the budget. Links in comments.

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2021.12.05 10:13 fjake71 5DEC2021

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2021.12.05 10:13 Stuartie Rented house is constantly cold! Heating is on for hours every night with no improvement!

It's that time of year again where we freeze every day and night.
We live in a rented house that is constantly cold. The only room we can manage to get to 18 degrees is the living room and that's with the heat on for 4+ hours and the fire burning for 5+ hours.
The hall, kitchen and bedrooms are freezing constantly. We are due a new front door in January which should hopefully help a bit as ours is currently single glazed but our bedroom just doesn't get above 12 degrees.. ever. We could pump the heat for 12 hours and still not be warm, we've tried everything.
The windows in the room are soaking in the morning and we are always drying them and cleaning them. We've been told to leave the windows on the latch overnight but we really can't do that because we'd end up sleeping in a bedroom the same temperature as outside (literally).
Here are some pictures of around our bedroom window;
I'm not expert but surely something isn't right here? Surely this temperature isn't good for our health?
We are getting a new door over a year on after bringing it to the estate agents attention. We want to make things as best as possible this winter before hopefully moving out in the summer. Also yes the summer is literally like an oven in this house too.
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2021.12.05 10:13 painandmiseryy Arrived at his destination

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2021.12.05 10:13 Grand_Skirt_378 I’m doing a daily build challenge on my YouTube channel for vlogmas. Check out todays video!

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2021.12.05 10:13 killershark21 Easy way to do FADE IN & OUT transition.

Easy way to do FADE IN & OUT transition. submitted by killershark21 to AdvertiseYourVideos [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 10:13 laughingsamm 6600 xt vs RTX 2060

They’re very similar in pricing. FPS wise the 6600 xt wins but playing with raytracing the 2060 wins. How often do you find yourself playing with raytracing on.
TL;DR Which one do I buy
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2021.12.05 10:13 Selocious Time for a wholesome meme to remind SR of how great they are<3

Time for a wholesome meme to remind SR of how great they are<3 submitted by Selocious to SRGroup [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 10:13 Digital-Mollusk Sara Carlson - Released 2015

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2021.12.05 10:13 Power_Apart Does Amazon stop accumulating vacation hours during the time freeze?

I’m asking because I’m at 4 hrs right now and want to know if I’ll be accumulating for the time being without being able to use it?
I want off the day after Christmas
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2021.12.05 10:13 zeroxnull7 Rtx 2070 super laptop still worth it in 2021?

Hey I'm in need of a new gaming rig and have found a seemingly great deal near me on ebay. Its the gigabyte aero 15 whit an i9 1098hk and an rtx 2070 super max q. It costs 1100€. My other option would simply be to wait until gpu prices get back to normal and build a desktop pc. My budget is 1300€ max 1500€
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2021.12.05 10:13 ihelfman Modern serfs perform Corporate America's repetitive online microwork for pennies

Microwork is a rising form of labor exploitation deployed by some of the world’s best-known corporations, including Jeff Bezos’ Mechanical Turk, according to RT.com's Naomi Karavani.
It’s online repetitive, often menial tasks for pennies, though 15 percent get no pay., and there are big players among the ranks of those who offer it.
Refugees, prisoners, or folks living in occupied territories identify and label cat pictures, or translate or transcribe audio.
Microwork for pennies
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2021.12.05 10:13 Rose_N_Thorns Apparently this is the ideal hide 😐

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2021.12.05 10:13 hexandcube My Keybase proof [reddit:hexandcube = keybase:hexandcube] (s_POd02sHsCa6nJfKGJy7gK95cI1K9d3ZFFKChi47_U)

Keybase proof I am:

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2021.12.05 10:13 FrostCA11 (Arcane) Okay so and Headcanons for Viktor reacting to a breakup, OC walks in on Viktor injecting Shimmer

Here’s the background my OC was sold for Shimmer by her addict father as a child. He knows this, After having sex days later Viktor is suffering pain from overexerting himself. Seeing him injecting angers her upsets her, She finds out since the Hexcore has been made he has been injecting. In anger she breaks up with him would Viktor react in anger? Would he beg? Basically the last they you know he decided to push his limits he wants to do all he can for her be the man she deserves but she doesn’t stand for Shimmer despite being in love with a chembaron in the past.
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2021.12.05 10:13 Philo1927 Bitcoin miners say they’re helping to fix the broken Texas electric grid — and Ted Cruz agrees

Bitcoin miners say they’re helping to fix the broken Texas electric grid — and Ted Cruz agrees submitted by Philo1927 to technology [link] [comments]