SDMC: Daily Covid-19 cases in Sarawak drop below 100-mark with 71 cases, Malay Mail – Malaysia

2021.12.05 10:21 Mynewsify-Website SDMC: Daily Covid-19 cases in Sarawak drop below 100-mark with 71 cases, Malay Mail – Malaysia

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2021.12.05 10:21 PridefulWeeb [pc,steam][2015ish]First person ftl like game with weak graphics

So i remember playing this game on my crappy laptop , it had very blocky graphics , i couldn't figure out how to play properly. You would have your spaceship and are supposed to deliver packages and i remember people in the comments calling it first person FTL . I am pretty sure it had a multiplayer feature as well It was on steam but i couldn't find it when i was looking for it
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2021.12.05 10:21 enditallenditall Character Creation

So, I wanted to make a cleric for any future game I may get into. She’s gonna be a jellyfish themed water genasi, and a tempest cleric who worships Talos. The jellyfish theme: jellyfish’s electric shocks symbolizes Talos’s lightning theme, stuff like that.
She’d be pretty explosive and a bit chaotic. Not sure if she’d be fully evil, but definitely leaning that way.
I was wondering what background might work well for a character like that. Any other cool ideas would be nice as well
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2021.12.05 10:21 Tomate0203 Mega Steelix add 8337 4904 1204 or 3847 9842 1099

Add for an invite
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2021.12.05 10:21 -Constantinos- Is there a natural urge for straight people to want to ejaculate in or be ejaculated in by their sexual partner?

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2021.12.05 10:21 FlinkPloyd95 Why are people who play pro clubs so bad?

Literally 90% of drop in games I play the other players (usually attackers) just try to dribble the CPU or constantly call for the ball in bad positions, and then shoot from either miles out or a tight angle instead of squaring for a tap in. Just seems common sense that if we play as a team we all get more goals/assists and level up faster surely…
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2021.12.05 10:21 TheFaultsInAlorSetar 回路-kairo- - Fantasia of the Shades, by the Shades, for the Shades (album guitar/bass/piano covers) [2/7]

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2021.12.05 10:21 Gullible-Special6316 Help with licensing and permits in Boston!

Question, I have a detached garage that is facing a busy street, how do I go about converting that space into a retail space I could rent out as a salon. The garage fits 2 cars so it's spacious, are there any websites I could visit to get details on licenses and permits, I searched on but was quite sure how to search this type of project.
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2021.12.05 10:21 Critical-Ad-4652 🍑Fantasy Girl: BUSD Rewards💵| OnlyFans Content Creator 👱🏻‍♀️ | Play to Earn Game🔮|Sexy NFTs🙈 |Metaverse integration 🚀 | Dev is a Doxxed | CEX listing confirmed

🍑Fantasy Girl: The sexiest Rewards token 🥵
Created by a Doxxed and KYC’d Onlyfans👱🏻‍♀️ content creator tired of giving away 33% of her earnings to 💸Onlyfans💩.
In adition to this her token gives 💵 8% reflections in BUSD💵, she is really hot and it is giving away some of her paid content as NFTS, this content will help you earn more tokens while playing the 🎰game for insane 🏦 passive income opportunities💰.
Her ultimate goal is to create an all round solution as a solid foundation for a 🍆Content Creators 🍑platform that will incentivise holders and content creators,
After the content creators platform is released they will have a 🚀Metaverse integration to have ultimate 👱🏻‍♀️ experience , you will see Ami in the Metaverse and well the rest is up to you🥵…
This platform will allow for users to connect directly with content creators , they will be able to achieve this with a bloktopia partnership and metahero ( to scan the 😍hottest content creators)
Extremely early project🚀 buy it now before the 🏦CEX listing takes this to the next level.
Fantasy Girl 🍑 is live on pancakeswap now:
Ami is down to earth and really hot dm her for sexy content!
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2021.12.05 10:21 SameInformation2535 Does this clutch fit the motor?

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2021.12.05 10:21 Maximum_Shirt_9434 Maybe I’m crazy, need advice.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m spun but even when I’m not I’ve been thinking about doing porn. Like I feel deeply about this
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2021.12.05 10:21 Temple-knight Reassurance, being bold and holding.

It is natural to be concerned about the events that have marked yesterday as "Dark Saturday" and will doubtless feature in the SM documentary that is in the making. However, whilst not diminishing the adverse impact this will doubtless have on the community and SM price, there is an upside.
Consider first the fact that John Karony and his SM team are actively working with BitMart to help investigate what has happened and possibly to rectify the matter. It may be that those SM holder(s) who was/were the victims of this act will be recompensed. If so, there will be an increase in SM price. This coupled with the recent sales of SM mean that SM holders will increase their holdings through the considerable associated reflections. Additionally, if SM price is low, that will encourage buying i.e. further increases in price and even more reflections.
I believe that recent events, discouraging as they may be (we have to be realistic), they have shown that the SM team is stalwart in assuring its community that it prioritises security and already has safeguards to protect SM from such events. Furthermore, the SM team is helping to resolve the situation by assisting others who believe in the potential and power of cryptocurrency to improve the lot of so many people around the word, rather than denigrating others.
This amply demonstrates the integrity of the SM team and the bright future for SM and its community. More than ever before, I believe SM holders need to do what they do so well - hold, support the SM team, support each other and, if they are so inclined, buy more SM at the current low price. These measures will ensure not only the survival but the flourishing of SM.
Keep the faith.
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2021.12.05 10:21 born2biscuit Didn't get the exclusive envirosuit from the supporters edition

whole reason I got the deluxe edition was for the special envirosuit but when I get into the game theres no sign of it I only have the normal one in my loadout thing. am I missing something or did I get screwed?
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2021.12.05 10:21 Iguesssowtfnot And the azaan could be heard in all corners of Tenochtitlan

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2021.12.05 10:21 Eberle14 H:Bundle W: Offers

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2021.12.05 10:21 glittershadow- please just tell me i’m doing fine

i finally wore my retainers (post-braces) consistently for a few days after wearing them on and off for months which caused causing my teeth to shift slightly. hopefully if i can keep this up they will stop shifting.
i sent a text to my semi-estranged (?) grandmother (parents don’t talk to her). Mom says as her grandchild i should talk to her more often.
i just want to be told i’m doing okay. but all i get told is that i am too much like my father because i was procrastinating/nervous about sending the text. (my father uses drinking to put off doing serious matters)
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2021.12.05 10:21 candyqueebcake09 free karma please!

upvote my post and I'll upvote all of yours
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2021.12.05 10:21 SeaMenMilk What should you do if you can't land a job?

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2021.12.05 10:21 pennydist Finally found the quintessential piece of Critical Role music!

Had to tell someone that after well over a year of searching I found the piece of music that I love the most that Matt uses during his games: Woedica by Justin Bell! It's on Spotify and it works so well in all settings - tension, travelling, bed-music for roleplaying.
Just so happy to have found it and wanted to share!
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2021.12.05 10:21 mrodrigues93 Reshiram on me. Inviting 10

5590 3231 2132
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2021.12.05 10:21 businessyndicate HOW INVESTMENTS WORK?

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2021.12.05 10:21 Odysseus_Lannister ATTN: there is no confirmation that this dip is over

I’m seeing a lot of “x is already recovering 10% from the dip of 20+% we had a day or so ago.” With mentions of this being already behind us. There is a very good chance this is a relief rally and the overall markets will continue to fall once the world starts its work week. There are a lot of FUD opportunities on the menu in the short term like:
• Evergrande round 2.
• Omicron variant data coming in.
• US possibly defaulting on debts (even though this has happened a bunch and the debt ceiling is raised).
• general inflation reports with global recession/depression concerns.
•Clarification of Indias crypto “ban”
There’s probably more that can be peddled as FUD seeing as we haven’t had any news from China in a little bit too lol. Most people are also going to be going into the holidays at work in the next 1-2 weeks and businesses will be finishing their Q4 reports so there will probably be a lack of volume in the coming weeks as well. January is a historically bad month for crypto in general and this is the perfect time for a down market over the next month or so.
TLDR: can’t say dip is over in a day due to relief rally, weekend volume, and lots of bearish news/historical times in the near future.
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2021.12.05 10:21 mango4everdo 👜 TRENDY 👠 | Anonymous luxury shopping 🛍️ | 💎 Low mcap | No pump and dump | Redistribution and buyback

💎 $TRENDY, the token you can spend to buy original and certified Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton bags and accessories, without having to convert the tokens into FIAT currency. All sent to your home or to any place you wish, completely anonymously.
Redistribution: 2%
Buy-Back: 6%
Marketing: 3%
Total supply: 1 Trillon
Holders: 200 (You Are Early!!!)
Transparent and sincere devs!
Website: Trendy.Finance
ECommerce: TrendyStore Open Beta
Reddit: TrendyToken
Join us on Telegram: @ TrendyToken
Instagram: Trendy.Finance
Twitter: TrendyToken
BSCScan: BSCScan
Dextools Chart: Dextools Chart
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❇️ CMS top 10
All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.
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2021.12.05 10:21 Mynewsify-Website Billie Eilish claps back at trolls targeting her Marilyn-styled photoshoot, The News International – Entertainment

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2021.12.05 10:21 epaphp New Year’s Eve

Wondering if anyone knew of places with good New Year’s Eve parties for older crowds? We’re in our late 30s and looking for something a little more laid back instead of the college scene.
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